Public Services Committee Meeting: March 12, 2015

Conference Call

Members attending: Rebecca Brown , Co-Chair, College of DuPage; Paula Garrett, Co-Chair, Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy; Anne Buchanan, Saint Xavier University; Raeann Dossett, Parkland College; Jennifer Sauzer, Columbia College Chicago; David Stern, Saint Xavier University; Julia Venetis, Elmhurst College

Members Absent: Richard Stokes, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; Tori Tracy, Prairie State College

Staff attending: Debbie Campbell, Elizabeth Clarage


  • Data Analytics Committee
    • No new news to report.  They are waiting to hear back from UI legal department.  In the meantime they are working on providing scaffolding or an overview model of best practices.  
    • Will be providing update to the CARLI Board on March 13, 2015 on the groups progress.
  • RDA Webinar Comments
    • The webinar went well and received positive feedback in its evaluations.
    • No meeting is scheduled yet for prepping for the next webinar in the series.
    • PSC sub-committee involvement in the next webinar is uncertain but at the very least, they will be reviewing slides prior to the presentation.
  • Joint Project w/Collection Management--E-Books  
    • David sent an email to PSC with an intro draft for their presentation. Please read and provide feedback if you have any.
    • David will be doing the Intro.  Jen will discuss user feedback. Becky, Tori and Paula will facilitate a game, “Where’s the feature?”
    • There is an internal CARLI committee webpage that is serving as a working page for committee members and will later be made public. Sub-committee members are adding relevant links with tutorials and other info as they find it.  Subcommittee members may do a run through for full PSC committee prior to their presentation.
    • It will be presented as an awareness session, not a training session, with each table focusing on a particular platform.
  • PKM Webinar Run through
    • Raeann, Anne, David and Julia ran through the webinar in a general fashion to give the entire group a feel for the flow.  Feedback was given.
    • It was suggested that some slide be visually enhanced with a few images.
    • Each presenter will introduce themselves as their section begins.
    • The webinar is intended to introduce the audience to the tools and possibilities.  The annual project is intended to take this further.
    • The webinar will be recorded.
    • AdobeConnect is upgrading on Monday, so each presenter should contact Elizabeth sometime Monday to double check that their audio is working properly with the upgrade.
    • As of today there are 39 people registered.
  • Postings for PSC Mailing List
    • After the webinar the group will post a link to webinar as well as a question asking for conversation about tools that others use, to provide possibilities to develop or include into the annual project.
  • Annual Project Update
    • We talked about the direction we wanted to take in expanding the webinar content from a personal tool to an organizational tool.  
    • We discussed the format taking that of a sample project or toolbox as previously discussed.
    • We seemed to settle into creating 2-3 fictional projects that would each have a different emphasis and then provide examples and more details about how specific tools could be used to facilitate these projects. (Examples: Sharing w/ colleagues; Capturing/creating/Organizing a “center of excellence” in a certain area.
    • We will all brainstorm on these possibilities and perhaps come up with a third.
    • We do need to pick up the pace on the annual project now, as it will be due by the end of May in order to be presented at the June board meeting.
    • Tableau was mentioned as a tool to graphically silo data and visually represent it.  Although it may not be the best fit to be included in our annual project, it is a very interesting tool to explore.


  • ILA Conference has a new format, joining all state conferences together.  Therefore there will not be an IACRL Conference next spring.  The call for proposals for this conference has a deadline of March 20, so be sure to share this info with your colleagues.
  • Subcommittee for the E-Books presentation will meet next week.
  • PKM Webinar next week on 3/17 at 10:00 a.m.

Tasks Assigned

  • Raeann will send out a revision of one of the final slides, which refers to the annual project, for all to review.
  • David will send out possibilities for examples of scenarios for our annual project.
  • The entire group will communicate and collaborate through email with ideas for annual project, to continue forward momentum, between now and the next meeting.


  • February 12, 2015 minutes approved.
  • Julia appointed minute-taker.

Meeting Date

The next conference call for the Public Services Committee is April 9 at 10:00 a.m.