Public Services Committee Meeting: October 9, 2014

Phone Conference  

Members attending:  Rebecca Brown (College of DuPage); Paula Garrett (Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy); Anne Buchanan (Saint Xavier University). Raeann Dossett (Parkland College); Jennifer Sauzer (Columbia College Chicago) David Stern (Saint Xavier University);  Richard Stokes, (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign); Tori Tracy (Prairie State College); Julia Venetis,,(Elmhurst College)

Staff attending:  Debbie Campbell, Elizabeth Clarage


  • Please contribute a video to the space project.
  • The CARLI Board formed a data analytics task force to review if certain student data is ok to gather when it has identifiable patron information.
    • Jennifer is on this data analytics task force and will keep us informed.  
    • Concerns covered in the first meeting include 3rd party software, privacy, and general needs.


  • Access Reports Subcommittee:
    • The subcommittee project has been shelved for now due to the CARLI data analytics task force.
  • Joint Webinar with Technical Services Committee:
    • Richard joined the subcommittee.
    • We will be consulting on the three planned webinar sessions: 
      • Theoretical information,
      • Advantages for future/Technical information best practices,
      • Local practice issues/Speakers.
  • Joint Project with Collection Management Committee (CMC):
    • Jennifer joined the subcommittee.
    • They will flesh out the agenda in their next month’s meeting.
    • We will contact them by January with our topic.
  • Personal Knowledge Management (PKM):
    • David sent a libguide with PKM sites.
    • David will be the point person on the PKM team
  • IACRL Pre-Conference website:
    • Link has been fixed.
    • Since there has not much development, keep in current location with no further development at this time.


  • Anne will take minutes for this meeting.  
  • September minutes were approved.
  • Annual Project:
    • Personal Knowledge Management (PKM) is our topic.  
      • Brainstorming ideas:
        • A webpage with tutorials
        • The written section includes the importance and why libraries are getting into PKM.  
        • We could make this a face to face.

Task Assigned:

  • Jennifer will write a couple of sentences about access reports for the annual meeting and send to Paula.
  • All subcommittees will meet before the next scheduled meeting.
  • All are to look at the IACRL web page, and at the next meeting, we will discuss if we are going to develop it.
  • We will post answers to David’s RDA to get a conversation going.

Meeting Dates and Deadlines:

  • Our next meeting will be November 13 at 10:00 a.m.