Public Services Committee Meeting: May 15, 2014

Phone Conference

Members attending: Rebecca Brown (College of DuPage); Anne Buchanan (Saint Xavier University); Rosanne Cordell (Northern Illinois University), Paula Garrett (Illinois Math and Science Academy); Andrew Lenaghan (Joliet Junior College); Jennifer Sauzer (Columbia College); David Stern, chair (Illinois State University); Tori Tracy (Prairie State College)
Members absent: Marianne Ryan (Northwestern University)
Staff attending: Debbie Campbell, Elizabeth Clarage
Guests attending: None


  • An Annual Report, including what was done this year and future plans, is due at the end of May
  • E-book PDA program June 2 at the iHotel at the University of Illinois - registration has been announced.


  • Review of IACRL preconference wrap-up.
    • Public site has been greatly enhanced by Debbie.
    • Committee members will check their sections and send updates to Debbie.
    • We will watch traffic to the site.
    • Consider using CARLI listservs to drive traffic to site.
    • Promotion and maintenance yet to be decided.
  • Security Forum.
    • Anne and Tori will help with the registration table.
    • Discussion questions will be placed at each table to enhance lunch discussions, may ask for quick feedback, if anyone has great discussion to share.
    • Agenda, registration, logistics are all set and going well.
  • White Paper.
    • Should include cover sheet with member names, header Phase 1
    • Andrew will have transitions done by the end of the month, aiming for the 20th
    • David will write intro, which can also be the Executive Summary for the CARLI Board
    • David will also write the next steps
    • Committee should send changes to David through email so we only have one correct version
    • White Paper will go to all CARLI members
  • Future Projects.
    • Considered action items at the end of the paper: create list of reports libraries find useful, share local queries, discuss implications for collaborative efforts
    • Shared SQL's must work for multiple institutions for CARLI to post
    • Questions and comments will be directed to CARLI support and CARLI will forward to appropriate committee


  • Becky was selected to take minutes
  • April minutes were approved

Tasks Assigned:

  • Debbie and Elizabeth will send a link to a sample Annual Report
  • David will write a draft of the Annual Report
  • Andrew will send Debbie text for Spaces page

Meeting Dates and Deadlines:

  • Our next meeting will be June 19th.
  • Library Security Forum at COD on June 16th.