Public Services Committee Meeting: April 17, 2014

Conference Call

Members attending: Rebecca Brown (College of DuPage); Anne Buchanan (Saint Xavier University), Paula Garrett (Illinois Math and Science Academy); Andrew Lenaghan (Joliet Junior College); Jennifer Sauzer (Columbia College); David Stern, chair (Illinois State University); Tori Tracy (Prairie State College)

Members absent: Rosanne Cordell (Northern Illinois University); Marianne Ryan (Northwestern University)

Staff attending: Debbie Campbell

Staff absent: Elizabeth Clarage

Guests attending: None


  • Space video loading procedure using Box has worked successfully. The next step is to load the descriptive content, and then promote the site.


  • IACRL preconference wrap-up.
    • Content will be added to the public page and/or the Public Services public page and the structure will be adjusted to move the many questions to a separate link. Contact names and contributions (i.e. PowerPoints) will also be added.
  • For the Security Concerns Forum, we reviewed the volunteer elements and approved them all, as they offered very different and complimentary perspectives.
  • For the space videos, we are still exploring a generic account for people to use to upload.
  • White paper: David will load the next iteration into the wiki; all members will contribute (see details below).
    • prepare sections for: why these reports are valuable, what these may mean for non-Voyager members,
    • Existing Report: how to find the existing report, questions that can be answered using the existing report
    • Customization possibilities using other reports, what additional questions could be answered, (future survey for other reports)
    • Confidentiality concerns (Best Practices)
    • Cooperative efforts that would benefit from group analysis (ILL reviews, designated in-depth areas of collection)
    • Timeline: report due June 4; this outline loaded next week, call for additional material during the following week, phone call follow-up sooner than May 15 meeting if necessary.


  • Minutes: David was selected to take minutes.
  • March minutes were approved.
  • Security Concerns Forum: 4 panel speakers were approved from the volunteers; Debbie will clarify the panel talking points, and
  • Matrix of best tools was postponed pending other CARLI matrix planning.

Tasks Assigned:

  • Andrew will email the text describing the space video site to the email list for edits.
  • IACRL Pre-Conference wrap-up and plans for web site: Debbie will revise the site based upon her notes and other contributions.
  • Debbie will coordinate the security concerns panel volunteers, and send the resulting registration to the larger CARLI community.
  • David will enhance the White Paper page and announce the availability for all members to contribute.

Meeting Dates and Deadlines:

  • Our next meeting will be May 15.