Public Services Committee Meeting: February 20, 2014

Conference Call

Members attending: Rebecca Brown (College of DuPage); Anne Buchanan (Saint Xavier University); Paula Garrett (Illinois Math and Science Academy); David Stern, chair (Illinois State University); Tori Tracy (Prairie State College); Andrew Lenaghan (Joliet Junior College)

Members absent: Rosanne Cordell (Northern Illinois University); Marianne Ryan (Northwestern University)

Staff attending: Debbie Campbell, Elizabeth Clarage


  • CARLI Research Subsidy Program:
    • CARLI is funding a research subsidy program for libraries within the Consortium.
    • Following in the pattern of Collection Awards, there will be a $4999.00 limit per award.
    • Information is on the CARLI website. Interested applicants can fill out the online form on the CARLI site page.
    • Deadline will be in March, monies are awarded in June.
  • E-book PDA:
    • Two possible dates for the program are June 2nd at University of Illinois, or June 5th at either U of I-UC or Illinois State University.
    • Lynn Wiley will be speaking about PDA as well as issues to consider when implementing an e-book PDA program at their institution.
    • PDA “triggers” will also be discussed in the morning program.
    • Representatives from Ebrary, MyLibrary, Access 360 and EBSCO Host will be part of a morning panel as well.
    • Afternoon sessions will be geared to both beginning PDA users along with more veteran users.
    • Any questions regarding the program can be directed to Elizabeth and David.


  • IACRL Assessment pre-conference plans:
    • With the intention of Turning the wiki page for the pre-conference presentations into a public page, we need to create more solidified sections for each topic area.
    • Previous month’s discussion included the idea of creating a survey that could be sent out to conference-goers prior to the date.
    • In creating questions, we might want to have the questions be more general in nature, instead of more specific.
    • Also, a consideration could be that that the questions would be clustered together by topic.
  • Update on April/May program:
    • Security Concerns Forum Possible date of conference is June 16th.
      • Becky will check to confirm that date will work with the COD Security Presenter.
    • The representative from NIU will be Sarah McHone-Chase (Tentatively).
    • Tomas Lipinski has been confirmed as keynote speaker. Elizabeth will follow-up with Tomas about securing June 16th.
    • Any speakers should make their presentations as applicable as possible; trying to include all libraries.
    • The program will be inverted from its previous organization. Lipinski will speak on theoretical security concerns in the morning, then in the afternoon the practical application of security practices will be presented/discussed.
    • Possible considerations for the afternoon program:
      • Talk about the security program at COD.
      • Possible panel of CARLI libraries that have 24hr access.
      • A call will go out to CARLI libraries to see if there is anyone wanting to talk about their experience initiating a 24 hr library – how did it come about? What needed to happen? What analysis and planning did you do? How do you deal with issue like staffing, support, security now?
      • Schools that have offsite locations; what are their security concerns?
      • Active shooter drills in the library.
      • There should be a balance between the theoretical and the practical throughout the forum.
  • White paper:
    • Committee consensus is that we move ahead with drafting a white paper which will address the topic of assessment.
    • Ideas for possible topics include:
      • User Information Access By Patron Types: Looking at patron counters to see how many times certain types of items have been checked out by types of patrons.
        • This will help assess specific borrowing patterns for patron groups.
      • There will be further discussion about creating specific reports using patron type, that would not compromise confidentiality, to use for assessing the use of a libraries overall collections.
      • We could also apply these reports to databases and resources beyond those connected to Voyager.
      • David has updated the white paper wiki page.


  • Minutes: Andrew Lenaghan was selected to take minutes.

Tasks Assigned:

  • Debbie will send Andrew the link to upload a video to the CARLI page. Andrew will test for the submission of videos.

Meeting Dates and Deadlines:

  • Our next meeting will be March 13th, 2014.