Public Services Committee Meeting: December 12, 2013

Conference Call

Members attending: Rebecca Brown (College of DuPage); Anne Buchanan (Saint Xavier University); Rosanne Cordell (Northern Illinois University), Paula Garrett (Illinois Math and Science Academy); David Stern, chair (Illinois State University); Tori Tracy (Prairie State College)

Members absent: Andrew Lenaghan (Joliet Junior College); Marianne Ryan (Northwestern University); Jennifer Sauzer (Columbia College)

Staff attending: Debbie Campbell, Elizabeth Clarage


  • eBook Patron Driven Acquisitions: Collection Management Committee and others met to plan a program that would include a panel of librarians who have implemented PDA, an update about CARLI PDA Projects, an overview of trigger events to initiate loan or purchase by patrons, and local implementations of eBook PDA.  The plan would be to offer two tracks: PDA 101 and advanced sessions. Submitted to Program Planning Committee. If it gets funded, speakers will need to be identified, and our committee will be asked to contribute ideas but will not be part of organizing body.


IACRL Assessment Pre-conference Plans

  • We have lots of bullet points that need to be organized/collapsed into key concepts.
  • Re: the IT Support section -- the focus would be on the public service aspect (elements we’re capturing, faq for staff or self help for patrons, who’s handling equipment support, measuring response time, training for measuring satisfaction/success, etc.)
  • We need to identify committee members to work on the key concept sections.
  • We could generate a pre-meeting email with survey questions addressing the key sections. This could be sent in March or earlier to registrants (Elizabeth), as well as to those not attending by way of lists such as the Public Service Interest Group.
  • We could design a website that could be updated with questions, responses, key issues, tools, lessons learned, contact people, etc.
  • March 20, 2014 is the date of the pre-conference.
  • Timeframe for our session is an hour to an hour and 15 min. About 15 min. per section as they stand now.
  • Possible format: Speaker could present quick findings; open it up for audience discussions; wrap-up at end.

Security Concerns Forum

  • A proposal is going to Program Planning Committee.
  • The program will be a full day.
  • College of DuPage will host, and Becky is holding dates for either May 16 or June 16.
  • Three speakers will include Tomas Lipinski, a campus security office from College of DuPage, and an NIU representative to talk about how they integrated security issues into their disaster plan.
  • Following Lipinski’s presentation, a panel will discuss how libraries handle security concerns if they are open at night or 24 hours.
  • The program will be relevant to academic libraries, including topics such as patron disruption, security issues, actual cases and relevant policies, and the legal aspects of surveillance cameras, uploading information on public computers, swipe cards, etc.

White Paper

  • Reviewed the 4 concepts/formats we might want to cover:
    • Overview paper on key trends and possible opportunities for CARLI to coordinate.
    • Video on above.
    • Website of projects related to key public services.
    • Combination of above 3.
  • Resource Sharing Committee is doing a literature search and paper.
  • Our committee could choose to write about one of the areas of assessment we’re addressing in the IACRL pre-conference – OR – write a paper about the value of a best practices website on these key assessment issues – OR – the white paper could be the actual living website – OR – we could narrow it down to a best practices document on a specific topic.
  • Topic of our white paper should be helpful to CARLI members and could go beyond assessment, for example it could be on security issues.
  • Need by May.
  • Note: David has updated the white paper on the committee wiki page.


  • Paula Garrett was selected to take minutes.
  • IACRL Assessment pre-conference: Andrew will introduce the session.

Tasks Assigned

  • IACRL Assessment pre-conference:
    • Tori and Debbie will work on the Website elements section.
    • Rosanne will convene the Reference section; Paula will help.
    • Becky will help Jennifer with the Circulation section.
    • David and Anne will work on the IT Support elements.
    • Updates to be shared at next meeting via wiki pages.
  • White paper:
    • David will email possible small-scale options for  discussion in January.
  • Debbie/Elizabeth will test Box as a method for the submission of videos.
  • Update on webinar topic:  Matrix of best tools, Jennifer has google doc urls (waiting to hear back)

Meeting Dates

  • Our next meeting will be January 16, 2014.