Public Services Committee Meeting: September 19, 2013 DRAFT

Conference Call

Members attending: Rebecca Brown (College of DuPage); Anne Buchanan (Saint Xavier University); Paula Garrett (Illinois Math and Science Academy); Andrew Lenaghan (Joliet Junior College); Jennifer Sauzer (Columbia College); David Stern, chair (Illinois State University)

Members absent: Rosanne Cordell (Northern Illinois University); Leslie Rios (Lincoln Land Community College); Marianne Ryan (Northwestern University)

Staff attending: Debbie Campbell

Staff absent:  Elizabeth Clarage


  • Future web-conferences may be held using Lync (Microsoft software) which may be more convenient for participants. Following testing of the new system, CARLI staff will let the committee know the connection method for future conference calls.
  • Public Services website:
    • Discussion of the change of terms on the public web page that highlight our scope/domain is going in the parking lot.
    • The Instruction committee agreed to our change of terms, but Ed and Margaret may submit a counter proposal for us.


  • Update on Space video site:
    • Space page design is under construction
    • Ed and Margaret may post on new website with a YouTube link
    • Video posted will include context to show creative spaces in libraries
    • follow-ups with face to face meetings possible
  • IACRL Pre-conference:
    • David received many positive responses from other committees who are interested in working with us on a pre-conference or a more formal session on assessment. The IACRL conference is March 20th in Oak Brook.
    • Other committees' proposals are:
      • Technical Services – loose round table.
      • Commercial products – assessment of electronic resources.
      • Created content – Google analytics and beyond.
      • Instruction- Evidence based instruction.
      • Preservation is doing an assessment of preservation techniques.
    • Brainstorming for 45 minute PSC session:
      • Committee was interested in how services are captured at different service points.
      • similarities, differences, overlaps – especially as services and desks are blending
      • tools used for assessment
      • are we capturing the amount of time spent answering a question, along with the expertise that is necessary
      • what are the consequences of combining service desks in gathering statistics
      • are decisions being made with the assessment data, for example does enrollment drive staffing?
      • possible practical outcome would be a clearinghouse of information presented and posted on wiki where it could be updated by participants after session
      • also of interest was how data is being presented in reports and submitted
  • Application/tools matrix:
    • Google form (?) used for input – is almost ready to go
    • will provide summaries of satisfaction with tools used
    • will provide nice snap shot – include dates so users will know if information is obsolete
    • will link to results
    • available to anyone, not restricted to CARLI members
    • possible launch at Directors’ meeting?
  • Discussion of White Paper, possible Face to Face meeting or webinar:
    • still to be decided (but Library Security is a forerunner).
    • may involve another committee


  • Minutes from August meeting were approved.
    • Minutes will be taken by rotating members in alphabetical order, starting with Becky Brown; Anne Buchanan will complete minutes for the October meeting.
  • For IACRL we will focus on the assessment done at all public services desks, including all locations - such as service given remotely through the website.
  • Key note speaker is needed to frame our day; local speaker is sought. Program planning committee may be able to assist.

Tasks Assigned:

  • Becky will draft an email to determine whether CARLI libraries are having problems with textbook thefts.
    • The email will first be posted on the wiki for committee comments.
  • Task force is needed to move along the ideas (members have yet to be chosen) for planning the Public Service Committee's portion of the IACRL program.

Meeting Dates and Deadlines:

  • Our next meeting will be October, 17.
  • Future meeting dates: Oct 17, Nov 21, Dec 12, Jan 16, Feb 20, March 13, April 17, May 15 and June 19.