Preservation Committee In-Person Meeting: August 16, 2018

In-person Meeting, CARLI OFFICE

Members Attending:

  • Mary Burns, Northern Illinois University, co-chair
  • Nora Gabor, DePaul University
  • Tonia Grafakos, Northwestern University
  • Susan Howell, Southern Illinois University Carbondale
  • Emma Lincoln, Augustana College
  • Ann Lindsey, University of Chicago, co-chair 
  • Bonnie Parr, Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum 
  • Meghan Ryan, National Louis University 
  • William Schlaack, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Staff Attending:

  • Elizabeth Clarage
  • Nicole Swanson


  • CARLI Announcements:
    • CARLI has hired Bradley Woodruff as Library Application Support Consultant in its Systems Services division.
    • The RFP process for I-Share Next continues.
    • The Technical Services Committee is planning a spring forum on Change Management.
    • Save the date for the CARLI Annual Meeting, Friday, November 2, at the I-Hotel.
    • CARLI has a flat budget this year.
    • The Institutional Repository Investigatory Task Force created last year has been extended to monitor the IR landscape. Anne Craig went on listening tours and heard a lot about the need for an institutional repository from CARLI member libraries. 
  • Member Announcements:
    • Meghan reported that National Louis University acquired Kendall College and will carry on its culinary arts program.
    • Emma reported that Chris Schafer will be the new library director at Augustana College.
    • Will reported that the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign was the main grant recipient in the state for a project, "Chronicling America," that is a part of the National Digital Newspaper Project.


  • Group Communications
    • Overview of committee email list and Preservation Committee group web space on the CARLI website.
  • Recap of the CARLI Preservation workshop IFSI Burn Simulation and Recovery
    • The evaluations were generally positive. 
    • Hands on fire extinguisher training was really welcome. 
    • Participants felt the recovery part of the workshop was rushed and would have liked more information on salvage.
    • If the Committee plans this workshop again, sponsorship would be necessary.
  • Annual Project
    • Suggestions for this year's annual project were discussed:
      • Sources of grant funding and managing grant projects was considered. An outline of potential topics and issues was created.
      • A project built around the topic of institutional repositories was suggested.
      • The value of addressing the preservation needs of non-book objects, odd objects and formats (going beyond the book) was considered.
      • The committee decided to address the preservation needs of non-book objects.
        • A list of non-book objects for consideration was compiled. 
        • Each blog will have three parts:
          • 1: about the unique object;
          • 2: how it is dealt with from a preservation standpoint;
          • 3: best practices & resources. 
        • Blog entries can be as long as the author wants to make them.
    • Other Open Houses or Workshops:
      • The Committee continued to discuss the details and feasibility of presenting a hands on workshop for participants to both learn about the uses of various types of protective enclosures and how to make them. Subgroup working on this includes Bonnie, Mary, Susan, and Meghan.
      • Materials needed and sources of funding were discussed.
      • It was suggested that we might offer a workshop on how to select     commercially available enclosures. 
      • Lincoln Library & Museum is open to hosting the workshop.
      • Spring Preservation Open House
      • Possible venues include Pritzker Military Museum & Library, Field     Museum, Newberry Library, Columbia College Chicago, and Surgical Museum; Illinois State University with its Circus Collection; Illinois Military     Museum currently preserving civil war flags
  • CARLI Annual Meeting Presentation
    • Possibility of presenting on last year's annual project at the CARLI Annual Meeting this fall was discussed.
    • Last year's project addressed "Communicating the Value of Preservation."


•    Mary Burns was confirmed to take minutes.
•    The June minutes were approved.
•    The annual project will address the preservation needs of non-book objects.
•    The meeting adjourned at 3:09 pm.

Tasks Assigned

  • Schedule for minutes was assigned alphabetically by institution excepting August:
    • August  Mary Burns
    • September  Bonnie Parr
    • October Emma Lincoln
    • November Nora Gabor
    • December Meghan Ryan
    • January Tonia Grafakos
    • February Susan Howell
    • March Ann Lindsey
    • April Will Schlaack
    • May Bonnie Parr
    • June Emma Lincoln
  • Preservation Resources Website - Volunteers for Checking Links:
    • Assessment Planning (Susan)
    • Audio-visual Preservation (Analog & Digital) (Mary)
    • Book Repair and Conservation (Susan)
    • Digital Preservation and Digitization for Preservation (William)
    • Disaster Planning and Response (William)
    • Exhibits (Bonnie)  
    • General Preservation and Conservation Resources Sites (Ann/Bonnie)  
    • Glossaries (Nora)
    • Grants and Development (Meghan)
    • Legal issues (Tonia)
    • Library Binding (Emma)
    • Mold, Pests, and the Environment (Ann)
    • Protective Enclosures and Storage (Meghan)
    • Special Collections and Archives (Mary)
    • Social Media (Nicole)
    • Supply Vendors (Elizabeth)
    • Training (Ann)
  • Schedule for blog postings on preservation of non-book objects
    • August - IFSI Summary - William
    • September 15 - Project Introduction - Ann
    • October 15 - Statues/Ceramics/Food? - Bonnie
    • November 15 -  Textiles - Emma
    • December 15 - Maps/Blueprints - Susan
    • January 15 - Paintings - Tonia
    • February 15 - Multiple parts/board games - Nora 
    • March 15 -  Glass slides/photographs - Emma/Meghan (Preservation Week April 21-27, 2019)
    • April - Scrapbooks/Ephemera - Meghan/Mary
    • May - Film – Ann/William
    • June 15 - Project Summary
    • July 15 - 
  • William will write a piece about the IFSI workshop for the August CARLI Newsletter.
  • Committee members were assigned links to check on the Preservation Resources website.
  • Committee members were assigned a non-book format for a monthly blog post.
  • Ann will contact the Pritzker Military Museum & Library and Newberry Library to see if they could host a spring open house. Bonnie will see about the Illinois State Archives, Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library & Museum, and the Illinois Military Museum.

Meeting Dates and Deadlines

Schedule of Preservation Committee Meetings:

•    September 10, 2018: 10:00-11:30
•    October 10, 2018:  10:00-11:30
•    November 14, 2018: 10:00-11:30
•    December 10, 2018: 10:00-11:30
•    January 14, 2019: 10:00-11:30
•    February 11, 2019: 10-11:30
•    March 11, 2019: 10-11:30
•    April 8, 2019: 10-11:30
•    May 13, 2019: 10-11:30
•    June 10, 2019: 10-11:30

Connection Information:
+1 (888) 983-3631 (toll-free)
+1 (217) 332-6338 (Local Urbana-Champaign number)
+1 (312) 994-8410 (Local Chicago number)
Conference ID: 8962938