Preservation Committee Meeting: June 11, 2018

Conference Call

Members attending:

  • Susan Howell, Southern Illinois University, Carbondale
  • Emma Lincoln, Augustana College
  • Ann Lindsey, University of Chicago 
  • Jamie Nelson, DePaul University
  • Bonnie Parr, Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum
  • Meghan Ryan, National-Louis University
  • Melanie Schoenborn, Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville​​

Members absent:

  • Mary Burns, Northern Illinois University
  • Anne Thomason, Lake Forest College

Staff attending:

Elizabeth Clarage

Staff absent:

Nicole Swanson


  • There were no member announcements.
  • Elizabeth mentioned that CARLI is “winding down” for the year; all currently scheduled continuing education programs are done.  The state passed a budget, but it’s too early yet to know the allocation for CARLI for next fiscal year.


  • Preservation Resources Webliography – reviewed the status of all remaining “pending” sections. 
  • Annual Project/Newsletter Tips
    • Ann has written a draft summarizing the annual project; she should have the article ready in a couple of days.  
    • The Preservation Committee’s Annual Report and Summary Report of the annual project will be posted soon on the CARLI website, as part of the larger final report submitted to the CARLI Board about the activities and annual projects of all the CARLI committees.
  • IFSI Burn Simulation and Recovery workshop, 6/13/2018
    • There was one cancellation, so one space is available at the workshop; let Elizabeth or Nicole know ASAP if any committee member knows of a co-worker interested in attending the workshop.
    • Final preparations for the workshop were reviewed; everything is ready; library materials and shelving donated by committee members and the UIUC should be sufficient for the burn demonstration and CARLI already has handout materials from the presenters.
    • Elizabeth said that an IFSI staff member will start off the workshop with a few welcoming remarks for participants; because the schedule is very full, the workshop will start promptly at 8:30.
    • If Elizabeth or Nicole need assistance during the check-in time, they will email the committee.
  • Protective Enclosures, Spring 2019 – no news to report.
  • Recruitment of new members – there will be 3 new members for the next term:  
    • Nora Gabor (DePaul University)
    • Tonia Grafakos (Northwestern University)
    • Will Schlaack (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)
  • New Co-Chair
    • Ann and Susan are considering serving as a co-chair for the next term.   
    • Mary volunteered last month to serve as a co-chair.


  • Minutes for the May meeting were approved (motion by Melanie, 2nd by Jamie).
  • The meeting was adjourned at 10:40 am.

Tasks assigned

  • Bonnie Parr took minutes.
  • Ann or Susan will decide by the end of June about serving as co-chair for the next term. 

Meeting Dates and Deadlines

•    Elizabeth and Nicole will send out a poll to 2018-2019 committee members to determine a date for the 1st meeting – which will be held at the CARLI offices from 10:00-3:00.