Preservation Committee Meeting: June 12, 2017

Conference Call

Members Attending:

  • Jenny Dunbar, College of DuPage
  • Jennifer Hunt Johnson, Illinois State University
  • Beth McGowan, co-chair, Northern Illinois University
  • Bonnie Parr, Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum 
  • Meghan Ryan, National Louis University 
  • Melanie Schoenborn, Southern Illinois University Edwardsville 

Members Absent:

  • Greg MacAyeal, Northwestern University
  • Jamie Nelson, DePaul University
  • Anne Thomason, co-chair, Lake Forest College

Staff Attending:

  • Elizabeth Clarage
  • Nicole Swanson


  • Jennifer Hunt Johnson was assigned minutes.
  • The June 2017 agenda was accepted.
  • The May 8, 2017 minutes were approved.
  • The meeting adjourned at 10:38 a.m.


  • CARLI Announcements:
    • New members to join the Preservation Committee include:
      • Mary Burns, Northern Illinois University (3-year term)
      • Susan Howell, Southern Illinois University Carbondale (3-year term)
      • Ann Lindsey, University of Chicago (3-year term)
      • Anne Thomason, Lake Forest College (continuing for a 1-year term)
    • Elizabeth noted that the form for the last copy program is available on the website to donate items that may be weeded from collections.
  •  Member announcements: 
    • Beth expanded her article on statistics, and is looking to publish it more broadly.
      • She has credited CARLI and the Preservation Committee in this work.
      • Bonnie asked if we can add a link to the article to our project page once it is published.
      • Beth is looking to submit to her institutional repository so there will be open access to some version of her article.
  • Discussion Items
    • Annual Project - Reflections
      • Bonnie is impressed by the final product.
      • Beth extended thanks to Nicole and Elizabeth for all of their work on the project as well as the Annual Report.
      • Beth likes how the themed projects work and found this very useful.
    • Webliography
      • Greg sent an email to the committee stating he is still reviewing his portion and will follow-up if he has any additional changes.
      • All other members report that the webliography task is complete. 
    • Water and Mold Recovery Workshop
      • The workshop is open for registration.  There are currently 26 registered with 1 on the waiting list.
      • All interested committee members have registered.
      • Bonnie has planned for 28 attendees, but she can accommodate 30 if needed.
      • Bonnie raised a question regarding lunch plans and will discuss catering details with Elizabeth following the call.
      • Elizabeth asked how many plastic bins are still needed.
        • Bonnie is seeking 14 total but will purchase what is needed after donations.
      • Melanie has withdrawn software items to donate and will coordinate to send these to Bonnie in advance.
      • Bonnie has one handicap parking space reserved for any attendee who needs it as well as a space for Jennifer Hain Teper.
      • Beth thanked Bonnie for all of her work planning this event.
    • Call for 2017-2018 Co-Chairs
      • Melanie proposed that Anne might continue on as co-chair and help transition someone new to the position. 
      • Melanie nominated Bonnie to co-chair and she accepted.
      • Beth proposed that Melanie co-chair with Bonnie if Anne chooses not to this year, and Melanie accepted.
      • The committee voted in favor of either, Bonnie and Anne as Co-Chairs, or Bonnie and Melanie, should Anne decline.
    • 2017-18 Initial Committee Meeting
      • Bonnie asked if we can meet in person either before or after the workshop on July 11th.
        • Two new members will not be available the week of the workshop.
        • The first meeting is typically in July, but may be scheduled in August if that is the only time Committee members are all available. 
        • Melanie – A meeting following the workshop would allow time for a re-cap of the event.
        • Nicole and Elizabeth will poll members for either an in-person or conference-call meeting on July 10th or 12th, or alternate dates for a conference call.
    • Miscellaneous comments
      • Beth thanked all for their work on the committee.
        • Thanks to Jen and Bonnie for their work on workshops.
        • Special thanks from all to Nicole and Elizabeth for everything they do.
      • Beth and Anne were thanked for their work as co-chairs in 2016-2017.
      • Jenny, Greg and Beth will be coming off of the committee at the end of the month.

Tasks Assigned

  • Bonnie will write up an evaluation sheet to distribute at the Mold Workshop.  

Next Meeting Dates

  • (update) July 20, 2017, In-person Meeting, CARLI Office