Preservation Committee Meeting: August 31, 2022

Conference Call / Zoom

Members attending:

  • Melina Avery, University of Chicago, co-chair
  • Rob DeLand, VanderCook College of Music
  • Theresa Embrey, Pritzker Military Museum & Library
  • Tonia Grafakos, Northwestern University
  • Jade Kastel, Western Illinois University, co-chair
  • Ellen Keith, Chicago History Museum
  • Heidi Marshall, Columbia College Chicago
  • Shelby Strommer, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

Member absent:

  • Bridget Lerette, Harper College

CARLI Staff attending:

  • Elizabeth Clarage
  • Nicole Swanson

Tasks Assigned

  • Minutes taken by Tonia Grafakos.
  • List of volunteers for link checks can be found in the committee’s Box document. Link checks are due by the end of the committee year June 2023.  
    • Bridget and Elizabeth will decide on the final options for September.
    • Assessment Planning: Jade
    • Audio-visual Preservation (Analog & Digital): Jade
    • Book Repair and Conservation: Melina
    • Digital Preservation and Digitization for Preservation: Heidi
    • Disaster Planning and Response: Tonia
    • Exhibits: Melina
    • General Preservation and Conservation Resources Sites: 2 people needed - Rob & Open
    • Glossaries: Rob
    • Grants and Development: Teri
    • Legal issues: Nicole
    • Library Binding: Rob
    • Mold, Pests, and the Environment: Shelby
    • Protective Enclosures and Storage: Tonia
    • Social Media: Teri
    • Special Collections and Archives: Ellen
    • Supply Vendors: Shelby
    • Training: Open
  • Ellen will check in with Chicago History Museum staff to see if a tour is possible for March/April 2023. Tour may include the new storage facility.  Original pre-Covid invite can be found on the CARLI website.


  • The June 2022 minutes were approved.
  • At member request, the committee will look to hold an in-person committee meeting next spring.
  • The committee decided to rotate minutes alphabetically by committee members’ last name.
    • September: Rob
    • October: Theresa
    • November: Tonia
    • December: Ellen
    • January: Bridget
    • February: Heidi
    • March: Shelby
    • April: Rob
    • May: Theresa
    • June: Tonia


  • Member Announcements:
    • Ellen Keith (Chicago History Museum): The Museum has their collections back in the building.  Chicago History Museums maps for Mapping Chicago Land project, a multi-institutional NEH grant, are going out for digitization.  The University of Chicago Library and The Newberry Library are also part of the project.
    • Tonia Grafakos (Northwestern University): The NU Libraries will soon announce 2 open positions, a book and paper conservator and a project conservator.   
    • Midwest Regional Conservation Guild annual meeting will be held September 27-29 in Detroit.  More info at
    • Congratulations to Rob Deland on the publication of his article in Music Reference Services Quarterly!  
  • CARLI Announcements:
    • CARLI has announced the second round of applications for the creation of OER material. More information can be found on the CARLI website.
    • Annual meeting for CARLI is November 4th. If any committee member would like to present on the committee’s project for last year, contact Nicole or Elizabeth.


  • Reviewed meeting notetaker’s role, the template, and populated the meeting notetaker list alphabetically by last name.  
  • Reviewed Box files for the committee.
  • Discussed possible in-person meeting for this year.  Chicago area institutions can host should reach out to Nicole and Elizabeth.  Another meeting location option is the new CARLI Office space at 1704 Interstate Dr in Champaign, IL.
  • Committee discussed two possible dates/time for our monthly meetings. Final decision will be made after Bridget’s availability is confirmed.
    • First choice – 4th Wednesday at 1-2:30
    • Second choice – 2nd Monday at 1-2:30
  • The Committee discussed reviewing the Preservation Resources information on the CARLI website. Committee members selected the subject areas that they would review over the coming year.
  • Programming for the next year:
    • Tour of the Chicago History Museum.
    • Tour of the Newberry Library – may be difficult due to staff vacancies.
    • Article series to discuss preservation of archival material.
      • Notes and assignments for the series can be found in the Committee’s Box folder.
      • Articles are due towards the end of the month.  Articles are 300-500 words and can include photos.
    • In-person workshop ideas:
      • Fire institute with the salvage component  
      • Water incident with a salvage component
      • Mold remediation hand-on workshop

Next Meeting Dates and Deadlines

The next Preservation Committee meeting will be decided after hearing input from all members.

Future Committee Meeting Dates:
September 28, 2022, minutes taker: Rob
October 26, 2022, minutes taker: Theresa
November 30, 2022, minutes taker: Tonia
December 21, 2023, minutes taker: Ellen
January 25, 2023, minutes taker: Bridget
February 22, 2023, minutes taker: Heidi
March 22, 2023, minutes taker: Shelby
April 26, 2023, minutes taker: Rob
May 24, 2023, minutes taker: Theresa
June 28, 2023, minutes taker: Tonia

Deadlines: none