Preservation Committee Meeting: December 14, 2020

Zoom / Conference Call
Members Attending:

  • Melina Avery, University of Chicago
  • Mary Burns, Northern Illinois University
  • Nora Gabor, DePaul University
  • Tonia Grafakos, Northwestern University
  • Susan Howell, Southern Illinois University Carbondale
  • Becky Koch, Illinois State University
  • Meghan Ryan, National Louis University, co-chair
  • William Schlaack, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, co-chair

Member Absent:

  • Rob DeLand, VanderCook College of Music

Staff Attending:

  • Elizabeth Clarage
  • Nicole Swanson

Board Members Attending:

  • Fred Barnhart, Northern Illinois University
  • Pattie Piotrowski, University of Illinois Springfield


  • There were no member announcements.
  • CARLI Announcements:
    • The CARLI annual meeting took place virtually on November 13th. The Annual Meeting provided an overview of the work CARLI is doing and includes Committee reports. The CARLI Counts Committee presented on the work they have done for the grant CARLI received from the Institute of Museum and Library Services.
    • The CARLI Board met on December 4th. It approved an extension of term (fixed) due dates for all I-Share resource sharing loans.
    • Diane Day, CARLI’s Fiscal Officer, has been promoted to Senior Accounting Associate and Katrina Little to Accounting Associate.
    • There will be a soft roll out in the spring of the CARLI Hub on OER Commons.
    • CARLI is planning for a possible 10% recission to its budget..
    • The CARLI offices will be closed between December 24 and January 1. Members should report outages via phone during this time.
    • The Professional Development Alliance (PDA) will present a lecture, "Communicating Value Through Storytelling" on Wednesday, December 16. There will be a two-part series on "Redefining Self-Care in the Midst of a Global Pandemic" on January 12th and January 19th. Other programs are noted on the CARLI calendar.


  • Preservation Committee Charge:
    • Will and Meghan provided a draft update of the Committee's Charge for the committee to consider for its final report to the CARLI Board.
    • One Committee member commented that the addition was beneficial. Another thought that the Charge in its current form was very good because it was not too specific.
    • The Committee will review the Charge again and discuss it further at the January meeting.
  • Annual Project: A Snapshot of Our Preservation / Conservation Response to COVID-19 at CARLI Member Libraries
    • Melina's interview is ready for publication in the December CARLI Newsletter.
    • Meghan will interview Anne Thomason for the January interview.
  • Webinar on gift donations:
    • Tonia shared an excellent beginning draft for a webinar on the gift donation process that she will be presenting on behalf of the Committee. Aspects of the process will be covered from start to finish. One member suggested including large purchases in addition to large gifts.
    • Tonia also provided a description of the webinar.
    • The Committee was very appreciative of her work and enthusiastic about the webinar.  
    • We are aiming to present the webinar in April or early May.
    • Members will review the draft and provide feedback by February 1st.
    • Suggestions for a title of the presentation were requested.


  • Committee will aim to present the Gift process webinar in early April or early May

Tasks Assigned

  • All committee members will review the Committee's Charge for further discussions at the January meeting.
  • All committee members will review Tonia's draft presentation and offer feedback by February 1st.
  • All committee members should think of suggestions for a title for the webinar.

Meeting Dates and Deadlines

The next committee meeting will be held via Zoom on January 11, 2021 from 10:30-12:00.

Schedule of Preservation Committee Conference Calls:

  • February 8, 2021: 10:30-12:00
  • March 8, 2020: 10:30-12:00
  • April 12, 2020: 10:30-12:00
  • May 10, 2020: 10:30-12:00
  • June 14, 2020: 10:30-12:00

CARLI Organization Structure and Committee’s Charge Review:

  • Final version due to the CARLI Board by March 1, 2021