Preservation Committee Meeting: September 14, 2020

Zoom/Conference Call

Members Attending:

  • Melina Avery, University of Chicago
  • Mary Burns, Northern Illinois University
  • Rob DeLand, VanderCook College of Music
  • Tonia Grafakos, Northwestern University
  • Susan Howell, Southern Illinois University Carbondale
  • Becky Koch, Illinois State University
  • Meghan Ryan, National Louis University, co-chair
  • William Schlaack, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, co-chair

Member Absent:

  • Nora Gabor, DePaul University

Staff Attending:

  • Elizabeth Clarage
  • Nicole Swanson

Tasks Assigned

  • Becky took minutes.
  • Meghan and Will will draft the Committee’s response regarding the CARLI’s Committee Review.
  • All committee members should think of questions that would be answered in each article & add the questions to a Box note on this topic.
  • Meghan will write an introduction to the project in the May newsletter.
  • Elizabeth will send a note to Nora and explain the project as she wasn’t able to attend. She will confirm if Nora is able to contribute in the month that is not yet selected or would another month be better.


  • August minutes were approved.
  • The Committee decide that having a Preservation Committee was beneficial to CARLI members and that the current charge was appropriate and did not need changes.
  • Annual Project
    • The Committee decided that its annual project this year would be to share institutional responses to the pandemic as they related to collections and preservation.
    • Each committee member will write about either their own institutional experience or reach out to a CARLI member whose type of institution is not currently represented on the committee, such as a special library or a community college.
    • The Committee decided that the format for each article will be similar and follow an interview format.


  • Member announcements:
    • The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign has changed their quarantine times, everything is now quarantined for a week.
    • National Louis University is going to re evaluate their quarantine times.
    • Northwestern University has a four day quarantine time, but have updated their procedures so books are fanned out while in quarantine instead of stacked.
    • University of Chicago is reopening to patrons, by appointment only.
    • Illinois State University has closed to patrons and is now only open by appointment only.
    • Northern Illinois University had a spike in cases and moved all classes online, but the library is still open.
      • Mary got tenure!
  • CARLI Announcements:


  • Review on CARLI Organization Structure and Committee’s Charge:
    • All agree not to dissolve or modify our current charge.
    • Will and Meghan will write a response to the board about our decision.
  • Annual Project Discussion:
    • Members brainstormed ideas related to COVID and that would also work well in the CARLI newsletter.
    • It was decided that different institutions should give a “snapshot” of how they are handling the COVID-19 situation.
    • Several methods of accomplishing this were discussed, and the “interview” style was decided on.  A list of questions will be collaboratively created and decided on (
    • Interviewees should work in the preservation department, or work closely with that department
    • We should reach out to other institutions to participate, as our committee is not representative (ie/ no small community colleges).
    • Megan will write an introduction to the project for the September newsletter.
    • Everyone else will pick a month, which is located at the top of the Questions page in Box (
    • The final month (June, written by Becky) will be a summary article.

Next Meeting Dates and Deadlines

The next committee meeting will be held via Zoom on Monday, October 12 from 10:30-12:00pm.

Schedule of Preservation Committee Conference Calls:

  • November 9, 2020: 10:30-12:00
  • December 14, 2020: 10:30-12:00
  • January 11, 2021: 10:30-12:00
  • February 8, 2021: 10:30-12:00
  • March 8, 2020: 10:30-12:00
  • April 12, 2020: 10:30-12:00
  • May 10, 2020: 10:30-12:00
  • June 14, 2020: 10:30-12:00

CARLI Organization Structure and Committee’s Charge Review:

  • Response draft due to the CARLI Board by December 1, 2020.
  • Final version due to the CARLI Board by March 1, 2021.