Preservation Committee Meeting: January 14, 2019

Conference Call / Adobe Connect

Members Attending:

  • Mary Burns, Northern Illinois University, co-chair
  • Nora Gabor, DePaul University
  • Susan Howell, Southern Illinois University, Carbondale
  • Ann Lindsay, University of Chicago, co-chair
  • Emma Lincoln, Augustana College
  • Bonnie Parr, Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum
  • Meghan Ryan, National Louis University
  • William Schlaack, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Member Absent:

  • Tonia Grafakos, Northwestern University

Staff Attending:

  • Elizabeth Clarage
  • Nicole Swanson


  • CARLI Announcements:
    • CARLI improved the display of bibliographic records in New Vu-Find. Phase 1 was moved into production last Friday and includes improvements to existing functions and now displays some fields which previously did not display. Changes include improvements to uniform titles, 5xx fields including specific/general/and local notes, and field labels. CARLI will continue to make improvements in future phases.
    • Technical Services Committee and the Collection Management Committee will be co-sponsoring a forum on April 2nd titled “Change is Good: You Go First! Leading Others To and Through Change.” It is currently open for registration for two members per CARLI institution, but it is filling up quickly.
    • The contract for ALMA was signed the end of December. Now CARLI will begin working on the implementation time line.
    • Open Education Resources Task Force is holding an open conference call on January 15th. Anyone with questions about open text books is welcome to attend.
    • Created Content Committee is planning a series of webinars on linked data. The first in a series of 3 will be in February.
    • The Collection Management Committee is working on making open access e-books available on the consortium level. Members can opt in by January 15th. Members only have to opt in once, not for each load. CARLI will keep the records up to date. There is more information on the CARLI web page. Load date is in February.


  • Preservation Resources Webliography
    • Assessment Planning—Susan (Completed)
    • Audio-visual Preservation—Mary (Completed)
    • Book Repair and Conservation—Susan (Completed)
    • Digital Preservation and Digitization for Preservation—William (In-progress)
    • Disaster Planning and Response—William (In-Progress)
    • Exhibits—Bonnie (In progress)
    • General Preservation and Conservation Resources Sites—Ann/Bonnie (In-progress)
    • Glossaries—Nora (Completed)
    • Grants and Development—Meghan (Completed)
    • Legal Issues—Tonia (Completed)
    • Library Binding—Emma (Completed)
    • Mold, Pests, and the Environment—Ann (Completed)
    • Protective Enclosures and Storage —Meghan (Completed)
    • Special Collections and Archives – Mary (Completed)
    • Social Media – Nicole (In-progress)
    • Supply Vendors – Elizabeth (In-progress)
    • Training – Ann (Completed)
  • Continuing Business:
    • Annual Project 2018-2019: Beyond the Book Preserving Your Non-Book Collections
      • Will and Susan turned in Maps and blueprints for the January Newsletter.
      • Bonnie’s article is in process. It should be finished by February 15th.
      • Tonia will be submitting her article on Paintings in February.
      • Nora will be submitting her article for February on Board games.
      • Emma and Meghan will be submitting their article for March on glass slides and photos. Ann will also be covering Preservation Week activities. Please let her know if your library will be hosting any Preservation Week activities.
    • Workshops and Open Houses:
      • Protective Enclosures Workshop, 2019:
        • Elizabeth is keeping the Google Doc up to date. Please check the list and see if there is anything you can bring with you for the workshop (e.g. bone folders, rulers, cutting mats, etc.) You can add your name to Google Doc next to the items needed.
        • The workshop will take place Wednesday May 8th, 2019 at the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library & Museum.
        • 25-30 people can attend.
        • Tonia will be a speaker, Bonnie will be doing the book wrappers for thin books and Susan will be doing the enclosure for thicker books. Tonia, Bonnie, and Susan will all participate in the questions and wrap-up. If you can help assist with the hands-on activities please note what you can assist with on the Google Doc.
        • Bonnie will write up a blurb, send it to the subcommittee, and then to Elizabeth and Nicole.
      • Preservation Open House:
        • News from Chicago is not good. Pritzker Museum conservation lab is not at the museum location on Michigan Ave. and is far from partnering institutions. Multiple locations are not available for tours or have not responded to multiple messages. Newberry is willing. Chicago History Museum declined because their conservator retired, but may be able to host in the future.
        • Bonnie reported Springfield is still good. The open houses would begin at the Illinois State Military Museum, then move to the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum (ALPLM). Bonnie is checking with the Military Museum for available dates the first two weeks in June. Then CARLI staff will survey committee members to pick the exact date.
      • Future Workshops:
        • Webinar 2020/ Advanced workshop
          • Discussion tabled for now.


  • Susan was confirmed to take minutes. Tonia will take minutes next month.
  • The minutes for December’s Preservation Committee meeting were approved.
  • The meeting was adjourned at 10:48 a.m.

Tasks Assigned

  • Bonnie will send blurb for workshop and check available dates for Military Museum and ALPLM.
  • If anyone is will to bring supplies or help with the workshop, please sign up on the Google Doc.
  • Bonnie will share information with Elizabeth and Nicole about catering for the open houses.
  • Elizabeth will create a Google doc so Committee members can brainstorm ideas for the Advanced workshop.

Meeting Dates and Deadlines

Schedule of Preservation Committee Meetings:

  • February 11, 2019:  10:00-11:30 a.m.
  • March 11, 2019:  10:00-11:30 a.m.
  • April 8, 2019:  10:00-11:30 a.m.
  • May 13. 2019:  10:00-11:30 a.m.
  • June 10, 2019:  10:00-11:30 a.m.

Connection Information:
+1 (888) 983-3631 (toll-free)
+1 (217) 332-6338 (Local Urbana-Champaign number)
+1 (312) 994-8410 (Local Chicago number)
Conference ID: 5259711

Enclosure Workshop:

  • May 8, 2019: Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum