Preservation Committee Meeting: April 19, 2016

CARLI Office, Champaign

Members Attending:

  • Mary Burns 2015-2016, Northern Illinois University
  • Jenny Dunbar 2014-2015, College of DuPage
  • Miriam Centeno 2014-2016, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
  • Greg MacAyeal, 2014-2017, Northwestern University
  • Beth McGowan 2013-2016, Northern Illinois University
  • Jamie Nelson 2015-2018, DePaul University
  • Patrick Brown 2015 -2018, SIU Carbondale

Member Absent:

  • Melanie Schoenborn, Southern Illinois University Edwardsville

Staff Attending:

  • Elizabeth Clarage
  • Nicole Swanson


  • Greg was assigned to take minutes.
  • The agenda was approved.
  • Jenny’s edits to the Preservation Resources Website were approved by committee vote.
  • March meeting minutes will be approved later by email vote.

Discussion Items

  • AV Preservation Workshop Post Mortem
    • Have shorter day next time around
    • Have more information on basic storage of AV materials
    • Reconsider the importance of the tape splicing exercise
    • Elizabeth and Nicole will send surveys to attendees
    • Parking was ok
    • Grad student presenters did a terrific job
    • We should consider running the program again in 2 years
    • Perhaps develop a follow up program – something of an advanced AV preservation topics workshop. Possible topics include:
      • More hands-on activity
      • Greater depth on all formats
      • How to pack for cold storage
      • Copyright/grant writing
      • Born digital preservation issues and concerns
      • Talking to vendors
      • Non loss vs. lossy formats used in reformatting
  • Annual Project/Newsletter Tips on AV Preservation
    • Still image is a visual format so it shall be included
    • Jamie’s assignment is complete as of 3/29
    • Miriam is up next with “care and handling”
  • Annual Project Website
    • The committee looked at a few websites for formatting ideas including the Northeast Document Conservation Center ( and the American Institute for Conservation of Art and Historic Works (AIC) Wiki (
    • Our annual project needs to be complete by the end of May – 5/31. To have time to review prior to submission, the committee would like to review by 5/20. The website does not need to be up, but the content must be settled. The annual project must be to the CARLI Board by 5/31.
    • Elizabeth and Nicole will upload the site to CARLI servers when it’s ready.
    • For style/citation questions, we will follow MLA style.
    • Title for web page was suggested to be begin “A Year in the Life…”
    • Headings will consist of:
      • Intro
      • Inventories
      • Assessment
      • Care and storage
      • Reformatting
      • Disaster Planning
      • Grants
      • Reflections on the Year
      • Resources
    • Case studies will become part of the reflections section.
    • The committee prefers that the sections be separate pages or windows and not be formatted as blinds.
    • Tasks to be completed by committee members are:
      • Read over/edit their own entries by 5/16
      • Read other entries and identify committee reflections by 5/16
      • Miriam will write the overview blurb by 5/16
  • Annual Report
    • Recommendation for next year:
    • Did the method of creating content for blog/annual project work well? Was the format of the newsletter content feeding into the annual project a good model?
      • The method of creating content during the year made more work for some during the year, but may produce less work at year’s end.
      • Having an overall project allowed for better planning and scheduling.
      • Some members felt there was ambiguity between case studies and blog narratives.
      • Case study participants did not see consistent questions from members.
    • Ideas for next year:
      • Choose a topic from the remaining 4 from the 2015 preservation survey to pursue.
      • Burn workshop needs to be on calendar by August 2016 if we are going to run it next summer – tabled for June agenda.
      • Miriam will contact the conservator at ISU to see if we can run a book & paper conservation event in spring 2017. Possible locations may be COD or UIUC
      • Greg will talk to NU to see if we can hold an open house at NU fall 2016.

Tasks Assigned

  • All members are to read over/edit their own blog entries by 5/16 for annual project.
  • Read other entries and look for reflections by 5/16.
  • Miriam will write the overview blurb by 5/16 for annual project.

Next Meeting Dates

  • May 16, 2016, conference call
  • June 20, 2016, conference call
    • 217 332 6338
    • 312 994 8410
    • 888 983 3631 (toll free)
    • Conference ID: 9401938