Preservation Committee Meeting: April 16, 2014


In Person Meeting

Milner Library, Illinois State University, 10:00 am – 3:00 pm

Members attending: Bonnie Parr (Chair), Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library,  David Bell, Eastern Illinois University, Sandra Fritz, Illinois State Library, Beth McGowan, Northern Illinois University, Annette Morris, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Andrew Huot, Illinois State University, Julie Wroblewski, Benedictine University, Lorraine Olley, University of Saint Mary of the Lake Mundelein Seminary

Staff attending: Elizabeth Clarage, Nicole Swanson


  • Approval of minutes
  • Schedule a Spring FY15 Burn Recovery Workshop


  • Andrew participated in SIUE’s digital preservation workshop Here Today, Here Tomorrow: Preserving Digital Content for the Future on April 4th.
  • CARLI digital preservation webinars: April 8 was Store & Protect, May 6 will be Manage & Provide
  • Sandra learned about UIUC’s online survey to assess preservation systems – IMLS 2yr grant
  • For National Preservation Week, Bonnie is giving a talk for Lee County’s Small Museum Conference
  • Julie will attend the Midwest Archives Conference where the POWRR group will be presenting their results
  • ISU will be posting a conservation position- full time/civil service

Discussion items:

Old Business

  • Preservation webliography
    • Unless the content is still useful, hide preservation blogs on the preservation resources webpage if the blogs are not updated in 2 months
  • Preservation tips for the CARLI newsletter
    • Julie will send her article to the ccg list
    • Andrew- April newsletter, topic tbd
    • Beth- May newsletter, topic tbd
    • Lorraine- June newsletter, Library Bindings
  • Blog contributions
    • Spring- Annette, library disaster videos- send by the end of next week
    • Summer- Lorraine, book repair / binding

New Business:

  • White Paper
    • Due May 30th
    • Topic: Current state of preservation\conservation training and resources for preservation\conservation assistance
    • Resources
    • Additional discussion: How can CARLI reach a larger audience to raise awareness of preservation concerns in 1-3 years​
      • Create a preservation informational pamphlet from this group
        • Possibly share with other systems/libraries through ILDS
        • Include a calendar of preservation trainings
      • Members of this group could reach out to libraries, contacting them directly
      • Create a curriculum for training to present for other institutions
        • Host at CARLI libraries (not just I-Share libraries)
        • Provide attendees with the tools/packet to do their own outreach in their community (public libraries, advertising to faculty of colleges, genealogy/historical societies)
        • Possible curriculum topics:
          • Intro to preservation
          • Materials important to use
          • Where and how to store materials
          • Preservation on a shoestring
          • Preserving family photos/book collections
          • Easy to do steps for people to readily apply
            • Bonnie has given sessions on how to care for documents, acid free, environment guidelines
        • Formats:
          • A webinar would reach more people
          • There is a benefit to in-person training too, especially for preservation topics
    • Discussion of a possible white paper structure
  • Webinar: Pests of the Midwest and Environmental Monitoring
    • Length: 1 hour 30 min.
    • Participants
      • Moderator- Annette
      • 15 min. Bonnie- environmental monitoring- palm pilot
      • 30 min. David- environmental monitoring- home-grown system
      • 30 min. Miriam Centeno and William Schlaack- pests of the Midwest, practical application of an IPM program
      • 10-15 min. questions
    • Date: Tuesday June 17th or Thursday June 19th from 10-11:30am
  • Members will encourage colleagues to volunteer for the FY15 committee
  • Scheduling FY15 Burn Recovery Workshop
    • Planning sub-group
      • Annette, Sandra, Beth, Andrew, Julie all wanted to be part of this
      • A tentative agenda is on the preservation wiki from the 2011 request
      • Contact Jennifer Teper in case she would like to lead this again, or has a recommendation of someone to lead this.
    • Dates:
      • Planning sub-group will meet in the summer
      • By the end of September, have everything ready to send to the planning committee
      • By November, notify IFSI to get on their Spring 2015 calendar
      • Tentatively, a Spring program:
        • Mid-July is best for IFSI, and August is also good
        • Avoid Fire School dates, and especially around the last weekend of May/weekend after Memorial Day
  • ​​​Other Business: Think about serving as FY15 committee chair 

​​Tasks assigned:

  • Annette will check and email the committee if blogs on the website are no longer being updated
  • Julie will send minutes to the committee by 4/18
  • White paper:
    • Committee members will collaborate on the white paper content for 2 weeks on the preservation email list
    • All edits should be shared by May 2nd. David will then compile a draft by May 9th
  • Beth will work on a Save the Date announcement and send it to the group in early May
  • Nicole/Elizabeth will set up a technology test for the June webinar, request a registration page, and send the Save the Date announcement

Meeting dates:

  • Last FY14 meeting – June 11 (conference call)