Preservation Committee Meeting: October 2, 2013

Conference Call

Members Attending: David Bell, Eastern Illinois University; Sandra Fritz, Illinois State Library; Andrew Huot, Illinois State University; Beth McGowan, Northern Illinois University; Annette Morris, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; Lorraine Olley, University of Saint Mary of the Lake Mundelein Seminary; Bonnie Parr, chair, Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum; Julie Wroblewski, Benedictine University

Members Absent: Julie Wroblewski, Benedictine University

Staff Attending: Elizabeth Clarage, Nicole Swanson


  • Beth McGowan was selected to take minutes.
  • Last month’s minutes were approved.
  • Committee members who want to add a link to their section of the webliography, should clear it with entire committee via email first.
  • Meeting adjourned at 11:30 a.m.


  • Andrew announced that the webinar for next week is good to go.
  • Lorraine was appointed to Board of Directors of the Catholic Resource Alliance.


  • Preservation Webliography:

Bonnie asked if everyone had checked their links on the Preservation Webliography. Those who had not were asked to do so. If links don’t work, committee members should contact Nicole or Elizabeth. Some reported that their links were not good during the recent Federal Govt. shutdown. It was decided that committee members who want to add a link to the webliography would get an okay from the committee. A link for Disaster Planning was approved as an addition. Elizabeth will exchange emails with David to add this link.

  • Upcoming Webinar
  • Presenters
  • Lorraine’s presentation will not be live. She will pre-record her presentation with Elizabeth.  Elizabeth will create a powerpoint slide for the end of the presentation with information for those who watch to ask questions for Lorraine to answer at a later date.
  • Cason and Ross are both scheduled for testing the connection.
  • Pre-Presentation
  • Instead of the default blank screen, Andrew will create an opening slide that indicates who we are and the name of the webinar. Nicole and Elizabeth will select music to be playing in the background so people know their audio is working correctly.
  • Technology Questions
  • Elizabeth & Nicole will be technical moderators and help keep an eye on questions.
  • 30 people have registered for the webinar.
  • CARLI and IACRL (Illinois Association of College and Research Libraries) Preconference: The committee was contacted by David Stern of the CARLI Public Services Committee and asked if it would like to participate in a CARLI Preconference on the topic of assessment within preservation for March 20, 2014 at the Oakbrook Marriott. As no one was clear on a topic, the committee decided to hold off on answering the request until we broadcast our webinar on this topic October 8, perhaps building off of questions from participants. Committee members will begin email exchange by October 11th to make a decision by Friday 18th October.  We would not need an entire outline of the program or budget etc for CARLI by that date to get funding, only an intention and estimate of attendees.
  • Possible Spring Workshop or Webinar: If not participating in the IACRL pre-conference, the committee thought that a hands-on Digital Preservation event would be beneficial. This would complement work of the IMLS grant involving NIU, IWU, ISU, and others to test digital preservation software and hardware for smaller institutions now and the series of digital preservation webinars already planned for spring. Beth said she would speak with Lynne Thomas at NIU to see if she might be interested in participating in this workshop.
  • White Paper Due May 30 2014: The committee decided that the subject of its 2014 white paper would be Preservation Resources. This was understood to include both Physical Material Preservation Resources and Digital Materials Preservation Resources. The group also discussed adding information regarding preservation education and training opportunities. It was decided that the committee would begin to gather materials immediately on this topic via our Committee’s wiki page. Nicole will set up this space on the wiki.

Tasks Assigned

  • Elizabeth will work with Andrew for the text for the new addition to the webliography.
  • Beth will ask Lynne Thomas regarding her willingness to present in either forum or webinar venue AESRL regulation.
  • CARLI “Preservation Tip Newsletter: Bonnie is scheduled to write on Disaster plan this month. Julie is writing her October column. Annette will write a column in November and David in December. Elizabeth reports that Newsletter TIMELINE has changed, the new timeline will go up on the wiki.
  • Blog Contributions Fall installment: DAVID is looking at Youtube videos on training students. The deadline for Fall installment of the blog is the end of fall semester. Annette will do Youtube videos for library disasters; Lorraine will work on an entry of Youtube videos on book binding.
  • Wiki Page will be put together so that all of us may begin accumulating resources for our White Paper.

Meeting Dates

  • VOIP/Conference Call – Thursday, December 5
  • VOIP/Conference Call – Wednesday, February 5
  • In-person – Wednesday, April 16, 10 a.m. – 2 p.m., Milner Library, Illinois State University, Normal
  • VOIP/Conference Call – Wednesday, June 11