Preservation Committee Meeting: August 2, 2013

CARLI Office, Conference Room - Room 312
Champaign, IL

Members Attending: David Bell, Eastern Illinois University; Sandra Fritz, Illinois State Library; Andrew Huot, by phone, Illinois State University; Beth McGowan, by phone, Northern Illinois University; Annette Morris, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; Lorraine Olley, University of Saint Mary of the Lake Mundelein Seminary; Bonnie Parr, chair, Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum; Julie Wroblewski, by phone, Benedictine University

Staff Attending: Elizabeth Clarage, Ted Schwitzner, Susan Singleton, Nicole Swanson


  • David Bell was selected to take minutes.
  • The group decided to send minutes out via the group email list to meet the new expectation that minutes will be available on the CARLI website within 7-10 days after the meeting.  The minutes will no longer be added to the group wiki for approval.
  • Members were asked to think of ideas for spring programs; ideas needed by October
  • Members decided to submit 3 blogs per year (for fall, spring, and summer) based on a common theme – this year will cover preservation-related YouTube videos
  • Meeting was adjourned at 2:00 pm.


  • New members to the committee were welcomed and all attendees introduced themselves.  New members are: 
    • Sandra Fritz – Illinois State Library
    • Andrew Huot – Illinois State University
    • Beth McGowan – Northern Illinois University
    • Annette Morris – University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
    • Nicole Swanson – CARLI
  • Bonnie Parr was selected as chair at the final meeting of the Preservation Working Group.
  • Elizabeth Clarage and Susan Singleton explained that the CARLI board would like to have meeting minutes out as quickly as possible to facilitate consortium-wide planning and coordination.  Minutes should be concise, simple, and informative.
  • Susan Singleton gave a brief presentation of CARLI activities during the last year:
    1. Committee reorganization went into effect in July.
    2. Each committee will have two liaisons from the CARLI staff.
    3. Goal to get meeting minutes out within a week to ten days.
    4. Lead time for planning a forum: 4 months (minimum).
    5. Lead time for planning bigger events that need funding from the CARLI Program Planning Committee: 6 months.
    6. Each committee is asked to produce a white paper outlining output from the group
    7. White paper content can include topical reports, best practices, techniques, products
    8. White paper should be focused; it’s not a report of the committee’s complete activities for the year
    9. White paper has no required length
  • Two new libraries joined I-Share over the summer: University of Saint Mary of the Lake Mundelein Seminary and Kishwaukee College
  • Voyager has been migrated to a Linux environment; it is performing faster.
  • Communication methods for committee members explained:
    1. Wiki – working document for planning of committee activities.  All committee members should have a username and login. 
    2. Email List (  Every member should be subscribed.  Used for announcements and general committee communications.
    3. Adobe Connect for VOIP.  Headset with microphone needed.  Use audio setup wizard to make sure it’s working before each meeting.  There are apps for devices such as smartphones and tablets.  Please contact Elizabeth or Nicole if you wish to test your setup to make sure it will work.  If everyone can use Adobe Connect, we will use it for conference call meetings instead of traditional teleconferencing.
  • Consider subscribing to the following CARLI email lists, available at
    1. Announce
    2. Collections & Content Group
    3. Special Collections Interest Group
  • The CARLI blog is now incorporated more fully into the website under “News.”  Annette asked who can post to the blog.  Committee members are eligible to post to the blog.  Please contact Elizabeth and Nicole if you are interested in acquiring a login.
  • Andrew and Sandra attended the CARLI –DPOE “Digital Preservation Train the Trainers” workshop July 9-12 in Champaign.  These trainers were from the Library of Congress.  Sandra will do a training session on August 5 based on the “Protect” module of this training.  This is one of six modules in the program.
  • Bonnie reported on the activities of the ICPN.  Their grant funding ended in May.  No further official activities are planned at this time.

Discussion Items

  • Andrew asked Susan what types of events CARLI would like the committee to plan.  Susan responded that most types of events would be acceptable, with the exception of events that may have high associated costs with low anticipated attendance.  It is understood that not all events can have high attendance numbers due to the focused nature of the content.
  • The group discussed future meeting dates, formats, and locations.
    1. In the past, the group met every other month  by VOIP, with 2 in-person meetings.
    2. The group discussed the location of its second in-person meeting.  The group decided to look at an in-person meeting in Normal.
  • Discussion of frequency of blog and newsletter contributions and nature of each medium.  This committee has contributed monthly to the newsletter and quarterly to the blog in the past.  The blog can include pictures; newsletter cannot.  Generally, lengthier content is better suited to the blog.
    1. Lorraine suggested a possible blog entry on the Digital Public Library of America or possible topic for white paper.
  • Past workshops were discussed.  It was agreed that the mold workshop at the Newberry Library, Collections Care workshops, and Burn Recovery workshops were all successful.  The committee will discuss a possible repeat of the Burn Recovery workshop in May 2014 with planning and funding request to CARLI by  by September 2014, the program would potentially be held in FY 2015.
  • Discussion of white paper.
    1. Due May 30th, 2014
    2. Suggested topics
      • Digital preservation
      • State of training opportunities
      • Resources for preservation assistance
      • Advocacy for preservation vs. DPLA
    3. A section will be added to the wiki to suggest or expand on topics before the October 2nd meeting

Tasks Assigned

  • Andrew Huot will confirm if space is available for the group to meet at Illinois State University on April 16, 2014.
  • Preservation Webliography sections assigned for maintenance and possible updates:
    • David Bell: General Preservation and Conservation Resource Sites; Mold, Pests, and the Environment.
    • Elizabeth Clarage: Protective Enclosures and Storage.
    • Sandra Fritz: Digital Preservation and Digitization for Preservation; Glossaries.
    • Andrew Huot: Disaster Planning and Response; Legal Issues.
    • Beth McGowen: Special Collections and Archives, Training.
    • Annette Morris: Blogs and Listservs; Other; Supply Vendors.,
    • Lorraine Olley: Assessment Planning; Library Binding.
    • Bonnie Parr: Book Repair and Conservation; Exhibits.
    • Nicole Swanson: Audio-Visual Preservation.
    • Julie Wroblewski: Grants and Development.
  • Preservation Tips
    • 300-500 words to be published in CARLI newsletter
      • A/V Standards and Finding a Vendor for Preservation reformatting - Lorraine - July 2013 for August newsletter
      • dPlan - Bonnie - August 2013 for September newsletter
      • Working with Contract (disasters) - Julie - September 2013 for October newsletter
      • Topic TBA -- Annette - October 2013 for November newsletter
      • Topic TBA -- David - November 2013 for December newsletter
      • Digital Preservation -- Sandra - December 2013for January 2014 newsletter
      • Topic TBA -- Andrew - January 2014 - January 2014 for February newsletter
      • Preservation Week -- Bonnie - February 2014 for March newsletter
      • Topic TBA -- Beth - March 2014 for April newsletter
      • Topic TBA -- Julie - April 2014 for May newsletter
      • Library Binding - Lorraine - May 2014 for June newsletter
  • Fall Webinar
    • Lorraine Olley, Cason Snow, and Ross Griffiths will present on the topic of preservation assessment models
    • Lorraine is drafting a save the date announcement.
    • Andrew will moderate.
    • Elizabeth and Nicole will work with the presenters to confirm that they have the correct equipment to present.
  • Blog assignments
    • For Fall – David – YouTube videos on training students
    • For Spring – Annette – YouTube videos on library disasters
    • For Summer – Lorraine – YouTube videos on book repair and binding

Meeting Dates

  • Tentative dates were set for future meetings as follows:
    1. VOIP – Wednesday, October 2
    2. VOIP – Thursday, December 5
    3. VOIP – Wednesday, February 5
    4. In-person – Wednesday, April 16, 10 a.m. – 2 p.m.
      1. Tentative location: Milner Library, Illinois State University, Normal
      2. VOIP – Wednesday, June 11
        • VOIP meetings will begin at 10 a.m. and last a maximum of 90 minutes