Open Educational Resources Task Force Meeting: August 21, 2018

Open Educational Resources Task Force Meeting: August 21, 2018

Conference Call

Members attending: Connie Ghinazzi (Augustana College), Anne Shelley, co-chair (Illinois State University), Sue Shultz (DePaul University), Janet Swatscheno (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign), Linda Zellmer (Western Illinois University)
Members absent: Annette Alvarado (Loyola University Chicago), Anne Chernaik (College of Lake County), Kathy Ladell, co-chair (Northern Illinois University, Elizabeth Nelson (McHenry Community College)

Staff attending: Elizabeth Clarage, Anne Craig, Lorna Engels


  • Janet Swatscheno volunteered to take minutes.
  • July minutes approved.
  • Task Force will schedule an in-person meeting in the next few months.
  • Announcements

  • Member Updates:
    • Linda Zellmer will give a faculty workshop on OER in the next two weeks as well as a workshop during Open Access Week.
    • Anne Shelley will continue to serve on the Illinois State Textbook Affordability Committee, which started holding meetings again.
    • DePaul University Library and University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Libraries sent letters of support for the Open Textbook Network’s application for Department of Education Grant.
  • CARLI Update:
    • Anne Craig spoke to Center for Innovation in Teaching and Learning (CITL) at the University of Illinois. CITL was supportive of doing a pilot project together that could the groundwork for a future Department of Education OER grant application.
    • The CARLI budget was flat funded for everything except for staffing.
    • CARLI also sent a letter of support for Open Textbook Network DOE grant.
    • The CARLI Annual Meeting is set for November 2nd.


  • Open Textbook Network Summit Updates:
    • Dr. Rajiv Jhangiani presented on open pedagogy and how to get faculty interested in adopting or writing open textbooks.
    • REBUS created a collaboration dashboard and open authoring guides.
    • The OTN is developing a member dashboard to replace the current manual process.
    • The OTN developed and OER Librarian Certification with ACRL and will holding a portion of the program prior to ACRL 2019.
  • In-person OER TF Meeting:
    • Will discuss more training opportunities and the OTN training surveys.
  • October OERTF Open Call for CARLI Members
    • The open call take place on October 16th at 1pm.
    • TF members will provide short introductions and Anne Shelley will moderate.

Tasks Assigned

  • Task Force members agreed to update the sections of the CARLI OER website that they had each originally helped create.
  • Elizabeth and Lorna will create a poll to schedule our in-person meeting.]
  • Anne Shelley will draft an announcement for the members for the October OER Open Conference Call.
  • Anne Shelley will send an email to the OERTF about Open Access Week.

Next Meeting Dates

Task Force Conference Calls:
September 18