Open Educational Resources Task Force Meeting: June 19, 2018

Conference Call

Members attending: Kathy Ladell (Northern Illinois University), Anne Shelley, chair (Illinois State University), Janet Swatscheno (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign), Linda Zellmer (Western Illinois University)
Members absent: Annette Alvarado (Loyola University Chicago), Anne Chernaik (College of Lake County), Chris Diaz (Northwestern University), Elizabeth Nelson (McHenry Community College), Sue Shultz (DePaul University)

Staff attending: Lorna Engels

Staff absent: Elizabeth Clarage


  • Janet Swatscheno volunteered to take minutes.
  • Anne Shelley will draft a more custom survey to send to the Open Textbook Network workshop attendees that will address how CARLI can provide support for OER initiatives. Anne will send the draft to the OERTF members for feedback.


  • Member Updates:
    • Lorna reported that Augustana College secured incentives for faculty to review Open Textbook Network textbooks and faculty have completed 10 reviews so far.
    • Anne Shelley applied for and received an internal research grant related to OER. She will recruit 4-5 teaching faculty who are using a high-cost commercial textbook and provide an incentive for them to use more affordable material. She will also analyze data on student performance and retention by comparing the two semesters.
    • Janet is still waiting to get more details from Nicole Allen from SPARC on the meeting with Senator Dick Durbin.
  • CARLI Update
    • The CARLI Board approved the Open Educational Resources Task Force as an official task force for another year.


  • OTN Workshops
    • The survey to April workshop participants was created and sent by the Open Textbook Network staff and did not include CARLI specific questions.
      • Around 30 people responded to the survey.
      • Feedback was mostly positive from attendees.
      • Some commented that the workshop was too long.
    • Future Workshops or Webinars
      • Olive–Harvey and Chicago State inquired about the task force doing on-campus presentations
      • Future workshops could be shorter than the OTN training, but a half day may be too short for people who need to travel to the training.
      • Task force members would like to complete their local faculty workshops before providing workshops to others.
      • Webinars
        • There is a possibility of delivering the training through webinars, but the in-person and role-playing segments of the workshop would be difficult.
  • Open Access Week in October
    • Linda has scheduled a faculty training on OER at that week.
    • ISU is bringing in speakers:
    • Kathleen Fitzpatrick from Humanities Commons/ Michigan State University
    • Eric Harbison from the University of Colorado-Boulder
    • CARLI may want to ask Illinois institutions to provide a list of Open Access activities on their campus ahead of OA week.
  • Other
    • Linda has been watching to see if there is any news on the 5 million dollar OER creation funding secured earlier this year but there has been no news.
    • Following the May task force meeting, Lorna scheduled an open call for CARLI members who have questions about OER. The call has no specific agenda. Lorna will start promoting the call in August.
    • Anne will ask via email if the current time and day of the TF conference call is still convenient for TF members.
    • Anne moved to adjourn.

Next Meeting Dates

Task Force Conference Calls:

  • To be determined, but tentatively:
    • July 17
    • August 21
    • September 18