Open Educational Resources Task Force Meeting: January 16, 2017

Conference Call

Members attending: Annette Alvarado (Loyola University Chicago), Anne Chernaik (College of Lake County), Chris Diaz (Northwestern University), Kathy Ladell (Northern Illinois University), Elizabeth Nelson (McHenry County College), Anne Shelley, chair (Illinois State University), Sue Shultz (DePaul University), Janet Swatscheno (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign), Linda Zellmer (Western Illinois University)

Staff attending: Elizabeth Clarage, Anne Craig, Lorna Engels


  • Elizabeth Nelson will be taking minutes.
  • Minutes from December meeting were approved.
  • For the April OTN Workshops, CARLI staff will add a page to the packets with information about joining the CARLI OER email list and link to CARLI OER site.
  • The January 17 webinar presentation recording will be shared on OER site under Presentations & webinars.
  • All task force members  should think about faculty who could participate on the Open Education Week panel and share to the task force email list.  Aim for February 1st to select presenters.
  • For Open Education Week, the task force decided to identify topic ideas for daily posts by email.
  • CARLI staff will send the Open Education Week daily posts to the CARLI Announce email list and use those posts to promote the CARLI OER email list.

Tasks Assigned

  • Lorna and Elizabeth will send out sign up for task force members so we can make sure someone is at each session of the April workshops.
  • Anne Shelley will create a Google document so that those working on the Open Education Week daily posts can keep all the information in one location.
  • Sue/Kathy/Chris/Anne S./Janet all volunteered to complete a daily post for Open Education Week in March.  Group will aim to have completed their posts by February 15.
  • Lorna and Elizabeth will email Teri Gallaway to identify the time of the March 6 joint webinar.


  • Members report on what is going on at their campuses:
    • Kathy –  NIU Library has started purchasing textbooks for textbook affordability program.
    • Janet –  Met with Dean of Libraries. The Library will fund $200 review stipend for faculty reviews of open textbooks.
    • Sue – Will be doing a student survey during winter quarter and a faculty survey during spring quarter. Planning a panel for Open Education Week.  More details to come.
    • Linda –  She has done a first round of reviewing state laws related to OER, in some states funds are allocated to adopting OER in classes
    • Annette – Attended an orientation for School for Professional Development to determine how the library might help support their curriculum and what they’ve been using. She learned that all the courses are online and the faculty have been using OERs.
    • Anne Chernaik. –  She is looking toward the future and is in the final running for OER training focused sabbatical for next fall.
  • CARLI Update:
    • Construction started today at CARLI office.  Office space is being consolidated.
    • RFP published November 16 for I-Share Next catalog. Responses are due today.
    • CARLI is working on a New Directors Institute to be held at the CARLI Office in May. The program is recommended for any new directors and is two days in length.
    • OER Survey results now linked from website.  There will be an announcement in the newsletter.


  • OTN Workshops Update
    • Lorna and Elizabeth will be meeting with OTN for specifics on the April training.
    • Creating cohorts for follow-up after training – Lorna and Elizabeth will talk to OTN.
    • At least one task force member should attend each workshop; also potentially serve as point person for cohorts.
  • Website Update
    • Content has been moved from Google Docs and onto CARLI’s website.
    • Text has been linked (rather than listing URL).
    • Task force decided that link out arrow symbol should be left off the pages as most all information is linking out but the PDF icon should remain if it is a PDF file.
    • All pages have content except Getting Started Toolkit, which will be completed tomorrow.  Lorna and Elizabeth will update.
    • For changes to the site, task force members can email Lorna and Elizabeth directly.  The pages themselves ask general public to contact CARLI Support to update.
  • Survey Results
    • Linked on CARLI site on overview page.
  • Webinar: Basics and Best Practices for Promoting OER on Campus
    • The webinar will be held tomorrow, January 17 at 2 pm.
    • A reminder email went out today to those who registered with the connection information.
    • The presentation will be recorded.
  • Book chapter for the Complete Guide to Open Scholarship
    • A subgroup of the task force was interested in writing a chapter for the upcoming ALA Editions book.  Their proposal was accepted.
    • The subgroup will meet this Thursday at 2 pm.
  • OTN Training
    • Are we including OTN resources (slides) on website?  Not until after the consortial OTN training in April.
  • January webinar
    • Can we add presentation link after presentation tomorrow?  Yes.
  • Open Educational Resources Week in early March
    • OER Promotion during Open Education Week in March, where should the daily updates be posted?  To the CARLI OER email list or CARLI Announce?  As the CARLI OER email list currently only has 31 members, the task force decided the messages should be sent to the CARLI Announce list and the posts will also promote the CARLI OER email list.  As only CARLI staff are able to post to CARLI Announce, Lorna/Elizabeth will post for us.
    • Faculty Panel presentation/webinar with LOUIS: The Louisiana Library Network.
      • CARLI staff talked with Terri Galloway, director at LOUIS.  They are excited to partner with CARLI on a panel for Open Education Week.   She has found a moderator,- Lisa Petrides.
      • March 6th is the day selected for the webinar between 11 and 3. Presenters will be four faculty who have implemented or created OERs one each from a community college, private university, research university, and a historically black college.
      • Discussed format for the day. The moderator will have questions for panelists, so one person doesn’t have to present last and everyone has a chance to contribute to the panel
      • CARLI is tasked with identifying presenters from a community college and research university. We should try to look for diversity, school type, gender, subject matter for the faculty presenters.
      • Anne Chernaik will send out email to faculty for community college. Task force members will work via the email list to confirm our two participants.

Next Meeting Dates and Deadlines

Task Force Conference Calls:

  • February 20
  • March 20
  • April 17
  • May 15
  • June 19

OTN Workshops:

  • April 23: Governors State University
  • April 24: Loyola University Chicago
  • April 26: Heartland Community College

Open Education Week:

  • March 6: Faculty webinar