Open Educational Resources Committee Meeting: May 20, 2021

Zoom / Conference Call

Members Attending: Annette Alvarado (Loyola University Chicago), Dan Matthews (Moraine Valley Community College), Michelle Oh (Northeastern University), Anne Shelley (Illinois State University), Susan Shultz, co-chair (DePaul University), Chris Sweet (Illinois Wesleyan University), Michelle Oh (Northeastern University),

Members Absent: Elizabeth Nelson (McHenry County College), Janet Swatscheno, co-chair (University of Illinois Chicago)

CARLI Board Liaisons Attending: Karen Janke (Erikson Institute), Jacob Jeremiah (Oakton Community College

CARLI Staff Attending: Elizabeth Clarage, Nicole Swanson

Tasks Assigned

  • Chris Sweet was the minute taker.
  • All committee members should provide feedback on the Committee’s Annual Report of Activities by 5pm on May 25.


  • Member announcements:
    • Annette Alvarado (Loyola): She is working on a resource page for a new bilingual pastoral study program.
    • Dan Matthews (MVCC): Innovate/Evaluate Form: Launching an OER campus research project and has plans to submit a different OER project for Moraine Valley Community College’s Equity Academy. Dan is the incoming IACRL president and plans to bring attention to OER.
    • Michelle Oh (NEIU): New affordable course materials committee forming for next fall. Northeastern Illinois University will be participating in the new AAC&U OER Institute.
    • Anne Shelley (ISU): She has joined the Illinois OER State Action Team affiliated with MHEC.
    • Sue Shultz (DePaul): She is developing an OER tracking form using the one from Rebus as a guide.
  • CARLI Announcements:
    • The third cohort of CARLI Counts is coming soon. This cohort will be completely online and will focus on group projects. OER could be a group project.
    • The CARLI sponsored program The Application of 3D Printing Services in the Academic Library series has been postponed and will be rescheduled.
    • The NC Live DEIA series ( is open to anyone and it has some interesting content.
    • CARLI Ebooks. Year two of this program. Crowdfunding for Wiley publications including all subject areas and all backfiles (~23,000 titles). Oxford UP was not fully funded and will have approximately 3200 titles available for the upcoming year.


  • April minutes were reviewed and approved.
  • The Committee will offer two sessions of the CARLI OER Course: Understanding and Promoting Open Educational Resources, one in June and another in July. If the sessions fill, a second July session will be offered.
  • The Committee will offer the OER Faculty Workshop in July. Chris and Annette volunteered to teach along with Elizabeth and Nicole.
  • The Committee decided to hold OER Office Hours on June 23 from 1-2pm that focuses on Fall OER Plans. Dan, Sue, and Michelle will help moderate.


  • Committee Membership and volunteer confirmations have been sent out. Chair to be selected in June.
  • CARLI Virtual Course: Understanding and Promoting Open Educational Resources
    • Discussed the appropriate number of courses to deliver this summer. One in June and one in July. Waitlisted participants will be contacted first. If the waitlist fills one or more courses, we will consider opening additional sessions.
    • We discussed how often to offer the various courses.
  • Other Continuing Education Programs?
    • Discuss setting future date(s) for OER Faculty Workshop. There is interest among institutions for offering this program again. Should we offer a summer workshop? Discussed 3 per year. Summer, before fall semester, before spring semester. July. Annette and Chris volunteered to teach this summer.
    • Discuss other continuing education programming. Come with ideas so we can implement them in the fall semester.
      • Subject-specific OER workshops
      • Creative Commons Licensing
      • IL OER Commons Hub
      • Faculty authoring workshop
      • IL OER Stakeholders group is planning a virtual conference. Current plan is to have different tracks for the different types of people interested in OER, for example, a track for faculty.
      • If you have ideas for facilitators for these sessions, email Elizabeth.
    • OER Open Office Hours (June 23rd at 1PM).
      • Dan, Susan, Michelle will help moderate.
  • SB 101: Bill to create the College Course Materials Affordability and Equitable Access Collaborative Study Act.
  • Committee Annual Report (due end of May)
    • Review draft of report created by Janet and Sue.
    • Edits/comments due on May 25 by 5:00pm
  • Open Illinois Hub on OER Commons: Update
  • Elizabeth provided an overview of the Rittenhouse proposal for access to OER on their R2 platform.
    • Rittenhouse would like a list of CARLI members and IP addresses to utilize their platform.
    • What do we think of these resources?
    • Will revisit this topic in June.

Next Meeting

The OER Committee will meet on June 17, 2021 from 1-2pm.