Open Educational Resource Committee Meeting: November 19, 2020

Zoom / Conference Call

Members Attending:  Annette Alvarado (Loyola University Chicago), Anne Chernaik (College of Lake County), Daniel Matthews (Moraine Valley Community College), Michelle Oh (Northeastern Illinois University), Anne Shelley (Illinois State University), Susan Shultz, co-chair (DePaul University), Janet Marie Swatscheno, co-chair (University of Illinois at Chicago), Chris Sweet (Illinois Wesleyan University)

Member Absent: Elizabeth Nelson (McHenry County College)

Staff Attending: Anne Craig, Elizabeth Clarage, Nicole Swanson

Board Liaisons Attending: Karen Janke (Erikson Institute), Jacob Jeremiah (Oakton Community College)

Tasks Assigned

  • Janet Swatscheno will take notes.
  • Anne Craig will send out final grant document to Committee to view.
  • Committee members will share in the Google folder relevant content with the Faculty Workshop Planning sub-group.
  • Janet and Sue will add presentation notes to the CARLI OER Course.
  • Janet and Sue will write the committee’s response to the Boards request about CARLI Committee Re-envisioning.


  • October minutes were approved.


  • CARLI Announcements
    • The Open Textbook Pilot Grant (Update from CARLI)
      • Anne Craig: Grant filed ahead of schedule. It is 172 pages including attachments.
      • Anne Craig expects the grant to be extremely competitive.
      • Anne will share the Box folder with the completed grant application.
      • Award winners will be notified in December 2020.
        • If CARLI receives the grant, CARLI needs to start work on January 1, 2020. The grant period is 3 years.
        • Illinois colleges and universities can apply for competitive sub-awards in health-related fields.
          • Members will have to pull together a work group on their campus.
          • A work group is required, regardless of the number of organizations involved.
          • Work groups must have at least:
          • One librarian who will act as the project coordinator
          • Content matter experts (faculty who teach the courses)
          • Need to have an instructional design person and 3D printing person (not necessarily available locally)
          • CARLI will hire staff. One staff member will be full time project director.
          • Part-time staff will conduct workshops and review OER as submitted.
          • The part-time staff will include:
            • Instructional Design Coordinator (UIS)
            • Copyright person to teach about copyright, fair use (UIUC)
            • 3D printing expert (UIUC)
            • Proofreader (freelance)
          • There will be $600,000 in each of the two sub-grant rounds.
          • If the grant is funded, the Committee will need to develop the sub-grant application in early 2021 (will require volunteers from the committee).
          • Would need group to work in January.
          • CFP would go out in February.
          • Sub-grant applications would be submitted in June 2021.
          • Awards would made in July 2021.
          • Second round of sub-grant applications would open a few months later
            • The Dept. of Education requires data collection on use and how students performed in classes compared to traditional textbook by end of the grant.
          • Committee will form a sub-committee if grant is funded.


  • CARLI's OER Commons Hub
    • Anne Chernaik and Daniel Matthews meet on 11/20/2020 to discuss OER Commons Hub with CARLI staff and OER Commons Staff.
    • Sub-group will meet later to plan tasks for Hub.
  • Faculty Workshop Planning
    • Dan Matthews and Annette Alvarado volunteered to work on the Faculty Workshop planning.
    • The sub-group met morning of 11/19/2020.
      • Developed an outline
      • Decided to create a template so librarians can plug-in their local information
      • Decided to create organized modules with content areas.
      • Suggested creating an open course which librarians could use in institutional learning management systems.
      • Sessions will be held in Spring 2021.
      • Will publicize via newsletter.
    • Sub-group suggested doing these faculty workshops at local teaching conferences.
      • CARLI could partner with librarians to present at local teaching conferences.
      • 1.5-2 hours depending on the time constraint.
    • Sub-group requests the rest of the committee share their own developed slidedecks for faculty workshops by December 4.
  • December CARLI OER Courses
    • Anne Shelley and Dan Matthews are teaching Option 1 on Wednesdays (December 2, 9, 16), and Annette Alvarado and Chris Sweet are teaching Option 2 on Thursdays (December 3, 10, 17).
    • Michelle Oh is also available if needed.
    • The program currently has 10-12 participants for each section
    • Due to the holiday, Elizabeth is sending out the asynchronous material two weeks ahead of the first session.
    • Sue and Janet will add their notes to the PowerPoint slides.
  • Evaluation Information from September OER Program
    • One suggestion was to create a working document where people can share their contact information with each other.
    • CARLI could ask participants if they would like to be added to the CARLI OER email list.
      • The email list is currently shared in the last session, but should be shared in the first session.
      • The workshop facilitators could create an assignment for participants to reach out to the list such as asking a question to the list.
        • Would need to provide examples of possible questions.
        • Could boost activity in the list anyway.
    • Feedback
      • Cut down on the reasons why to use OER a little bit to make room for more tangible/practical aspects of OER.
      • Talk about the CARLI website early.
      • Too many presenters.
  • Applications for the OER Certificate Program
    • Competitive process directly to the OEN, so CARLI does not know who has applied yet.
  • Janet and Sue will write committee’s response to CARLI Board of Directors on the CARLI Committee Re-envisioning process.
  • Open Education Conference:
    • All sessions will be made openly available soon.
    • Janet will email list when the recorded presentations are available.

Next Meeting and Deadlines

The OER Committee will meet on December 17, 2020 from 1-2pm.


  • December 1: Report to CARLI Board
  • December 4: Committee members share faculty OER workshops in Google