I-Share User's Group Meeting: January 18, 2012

Conference call.

Members Present: Howard Carter, Cindy Fuller, Tom Goetz, Nancy Laverdiere, Carlos Melian; Ted Schwitzner

Members Absent: Megan Bernal, Mary Case, Belinda Cheek

CARLI Staff present: Lorna Engels, Kris Hammerstrand, Cathy Salika, Susan Singleton

The December 16, 2011 meeting minutes were approved with corrections.

CARLI Staff updates

K. Hammerstrand reported on the following items:

  • The CARLI Patron Driven Acquisition (PDA) project will be launched February 1. CARLI staff will be using the “Resource Database” for housing bibliographic records for titles eligible for PDA. Request promoting is an outstanding issue that needs to be resolved but scripts are being finalized for the February 1 target date.
  • The talking points from the October 28, 2011 e-book forum were consolidated and presented to the CARLI Board. CARLI staff will meet with five e-book vendors (EBL, EBSCO, Ingram/MyLibrary, Proquest, YBP) at ALA Midwinter to gather information regarding consortial PDA e-book options.
  • The meeting will be framed around seven face-to-face questions and five additional questions submitted in writing. The face-to-face questions will involve:
    • Experience with consortial PDA e-book plans
    • Trigger events
    • General pricing models
    • Size of the e-book collections of each vendor
    • Resource sharing support,
    • Specific challenges for consortia
    • Any important factors for PDA project
    • The questions that will be submitted in writing will address the following:
      • Management statistics
      • Discovery interface vendors
      • Cost multipliers
      • Publishers that are currently participating and those that are not available
      • Distribution of catalog records
      • Richland Community College has been approved for CARLI membership by the CARLI Board.

S. Singleton reported on the following items:

  • CARLI will return to an in-person annual meeting with a morning speaker and afternoon networking opportunities. CARLI updates will be presented in a separate webinar.
  • A meeting with new directors will be held twice each year with one scheduled for this spring.
  • One-on-one visits to libraries by either Susan Singleton or Tom Dorst will be available. Tom Dorst will schedule visits to libraries. Discussions will include a comparison of CARLI services between libraries.
  • The CARLI Board will begin strategic planning sessions.
  • CARLI staff is continuing to work on making the Hathi Trust titles available in I-Share.

Liaison reports from IUG functional teams

  • Acquisitions and Serials - No report
  • Cataloging and Authority Control
    • Joint meeting with Acquisitions and Serials Team planned for May forum. A list of potential speakers is currently being compiled and reviewed.
    • Instruction
      • Met on Tuesday, January 17. The Instruction Team wiki is being updated.
      • Team members have been assigned monthly blog updates.
      • The “Unconference” that was held on January 10 at Illinois Wesleyan was very successful. The new forum format was well received by the 37 registrants. A second “Unconference” will be scheduled during better weather.
      • June 6 or June 8 are tentative dates for the Instruction Team Spring Forum. The theme/topic will be “Library Instruction for a Diverse Student Population”. Sharon Chubbuck from Marquette University is being invited to speak.
      • The next meeting is scheduled for February 21.
      • OPAC – No report
      • Resource Sharing
        • Met on Thursday, January 12. The UB changes and blocks were discussed with no major problems reported. A process for accessing patron information to get better data on block reasons is being developed and a best practices document will be disseminated. Policies and any potential problems will continue to be monitored during the next semester.
        • A spring forum at a location in the middle of the state is planned for the end of April. April 24-26 are tentative dates. The theme/topic will be “Resource Sharing 101”.--damaged items, blocks, etc.
        • The next meeting is scheduled for February 9.

Discussion items

IUG informational webinar

  • Potential topics from the draft compiled by Belinda Cheek and Carlos Melian were discussed. There was a general agreement that the topics will include “The Future of the ILS”, documentation/information available to member libraries and information about IUG and the functional teams. A Q&A session will follow the presentations. Melian will send out a formal topic list for approval. IUG members will break up into groups to develop content in each of the areas for the webinar. Tentative date for the webinar is April 5.

ELUNA presentation

  • Following up on T. Schwitzner’s proposal, topics and format for a panel presentation at the forthcoming ELUNA conference were discussed. The general theme of “the consortium as a cloud” with specific topic ideas was examined. Possible topics included a “Harper College context” (standalone Voyager system now part of I-Share), the advantages of a hosted environment and the advantages of the cloud for non-consortial libraries.
  • Possible strategies that were considered for content included:
    • Possibility of presenting with another consortium
    • Conducting telephone interviews or online surveys to gather information from other consortia for an additional perspective outside of CARLI
    • Thesis statement will be finalized and a proposal will be submitted to ELUNA by T. Schwitzner.

Discovery Forum

  • A “Discovery Forum” with the major vendors (EBSCO, Ex Libris, OCLC and Serials Solutions) has been scheduled for March 15 at the Doubletree Hotel in Oak Brook.
  • Each vendor will have one hour for presentations of their product based on 5 or 6 predefined questions. The questions should focus on front-end discovery. Possible topics discussed included the user experience (interface design), metadata, interoperability and consortial resource sharing functionality.
  • It was decided that each IUG member will submit at least one question by email and a final list of questions will be submitted to the vendors in advance of the March 15 presentations.

Change of date for next meeting

  • L. Engels will send out a survey for possible alternative dates for the March 16 meeting which conflicts with IACRL. The option to meet during IACRL was discussed and will be included in the survey.

Respectfully submitted,
Carlos Melian