I-Share User's Group Meeting: December 16, 2011

Members present: Ted Schwitzner, Megan Bernal, Howard Carter, Nancy Laverdiere, Tom Goetz, Belinda Cheek, Mary Case, Cindy Fuller,

Members absent: none

CARLI Staff: Kris Hammerstrand, Lorna Engels, Cathy Salika

Meeting commenced at 10:35

Establish minute taker: Ted

Approve September 23 minutes—Approved by acclimation

Updates from CARLI staff and Executive Director (as available)

  • Kris: Susan’s report—recent meetings with directors… Next years annual meeting will be in person, will also have meetings for new directors; will have twice a year CARLI update webinars;
  • Board has created a special opening for community colleges to join I-Share, as some of the southern CCs may not want to follow the Illinois Heartland Library System into its new LLSAP. Institutions are to communicate interest by Jan 31, 2012.
  • Continuing to work on formatting Hathi Trust records for importing into the I-Share catalog.
  • Brandon Gant has provided a network connectivity monitor computer to libraries that experience regular system performance issues.
  • Continuing to move production servers from UIC to UIUC. May result in some outages in addition to typical Sunday morning updates. Will be completed by June 30, 2012.
  • Planning to open PDA on January 10, running into issues with setup, but hopeful of reaching this target. Funded at $70,000, will be visible in I-Share, any ub-eligible patron will be able to request. Post-use storage will be at UIUC. Discussion on ebook PDA still in discussion stage, will be having meetings with vendors at ALA midwinter.
  • Getting ready to deploy UB patron block settings, January 5 blocks will be in place, completes last phase of UB standardization.
  • Mary Burkee has rejoined CARLI as the replacement for David Hamilton.

Business and reports from IUG teams:

  • Discussion of whether libraries are lending media, and libraries should examine why they are not circulating media. Libraries need to look at what appears and how patrons can tell if something doesn’t circulate. Standardized circulating items as UB-eligible with 2 wk no renewal.
  • Resource Sharing (Howard)—10/6 preparing for fall webinars, 50+ registered for each webinar; discussion of shelflister product as shelflisting, weeding, and other uses. Nov. meeting reviewed webinar survey responses and started to discuss best practices for blocks, remaining agnostic on the point of whether and how a local library chooses to enforce a UB block over and above that block; revised best practices on damaged items for consideration of media types; decided to revise billing best practices in the spring. 12/8 continuing to look at shelflister, CARLI discussing with Michael Doran development of version 3.0 that could search dewey call numbers; Li Fu (CSU) resigned, Peggy Roth (WIU) added.
  • OPAC (Belinda)—light activity this fall, looked earlier as icons for formats in VuFind, tried to incorporate electronic objects more intuitively particularly ebooks.
  • Instruction (Nancy)—11/15, 12/13 meetings; looking at instruction wiki, produced a survey in the fall, and got good responses. A large proportion noted that they weren’t aware of the wikis existence, but will be interested in using and contributing, leading to concerns of group oversight for contributions. Team is developing a January unconference, Jan 10 (snow date Jan 13) held at IWU, registration due by Jan 3, hoping to have 30 participants—will cancel if less than that—registrants need to complete survey on themes to cover, assessment and alternatives; developing spring forum, tentative topic of diversity, library services for diverse populations, Dr. Sharon Chubbuck, Marquette U is possible speaker, not yet confirmed, on site with keynote and breakouts.
  • Cataloging (Ted)—(see report)
  • AcqSer (Megan)—Met 11/16 and 12/15; group working on tutorials for acq, circulating surveys on use and utility of the tutorials. Working on joint forum with ICAT. Planning Spring open houses, wanting to do geographic. Continuing to review documents on CARLI wiki and will be outlining revisions that they want to make. Interested in hearing more about ebook summit. Membership change, Joan Schuitema added to replace Rebekah Hall.

E-books meeting wrap-up

  • Note takers sent notes to Cindy Clennon, which was summarized for the Board as open questions, but didn’t turn out to be a big discussion for the Board. The point was to have an idea for what should be done if/when we reach the RFP writing stage. Board didn’t make any decisions, but raised some questions, and suggested doing an RFI to get functional specs without pricing, but not sure if RFI would be worth overhead at UIUC purchasing. Meetings with vendors at ALA Midwinter where they'll listen to presentations and get an idea of what options might be available.
  • Sense that the conversation provided a good start on the topic, many of the issues were definitely brought out, but not really much closer on finding solutions to some issues, particularly the resource sharing piece. Good identification of the questions to be asked and answered.
  • Good to have Cindy Clennon present, as she has a good sense of the vendor environment.
  • Still no good solutions for sharing what we’re allowed to share; and reluctant acceptance that what isn’t sharable now never will be sharable, but still want to find ways to assure vendors it can be done securely.
  • Wondering if there is value in trying to find a workable solution to springer lending.
  • Best idea seeming to be presenting the vendors with our needs and asking them how they would solve it, try to get a solution that meets the goal of providing access to as many of our constituents as possible for the best price, perhaps without defining the result explicitly as “interlibrary loan”.


  • Commit to some ideas and a date, then proceed to develop.
  • Carlos’ and Belinda’s ideas good start.
  • Resource Sharing suggesting tour of sites.
  • Time it toward when call for volunteers and board considerations for vacancies begins. Probably late March or April.
  • Logistics: one hour session, select specific topics, fine tune agenda, choose speakers.

ELUNA presentation

  • Looking at effectiveness of our user group and local cloud model
  • Who is the audience? Consortia, libraries considering the cloud?
  • Underlying question of how the consortial model might benefit operating in the cloud.
  • Don’t assume that people will be sharing data necessarily, but sharing of data
  • Address how to develop a broader and stronger model for governance and communication that reflects what works at the more local level.
  • If we share with another consortium, have to fine tune topics and time on each topic.
  • Sharing means it’s less of a CARLI piece and more leading to best practices.
  • Great if it’s the members speaking. More credibility coming from the User Group itself.
  • Participants: Ted, Tom, Carlos, Megan, though not necessarily all speakers, need to cover all important viewpoints.
  • Ted will still ask everyone for advice on content.
  • Final changes to abstract by this end-of-business 12/16/11
  • Ted will submit as place holder and also contact user groups of other consortium.

Upgrade survey

  • What modifications are needed to put this survey?
  • Includes a disclaimer that this relates to general planning, does not imply a specific upgrade, and that other factors will be considered.
  • Add winter dates for consideration
  • Interested in hearing from IUG and membership on the value of a frozen catalog during an upgrade. Relate to considerations for the length and complexity of an upgrade.
  • Since upgrade is not imminent on horizon, continue to tweak before posting.

Reschedule March 16 meeting

  • Survey will go out to reschedule in late Feb.
  • New Business

Meeting dismissed at 12:35.