I-Share User's Group Meeting: September 23, 2011

Members Present: Tom Goetz, Chair; Megan Bernal; Howard Carter; Belinda Cheek; Cindy Fuller; Nancy Laverdiere; Carlos Melian; Ted Schwitzner

Members Absent: Mary Case

CARLI Staff Attending: Lorna Engels; Kris Hammerstrand; Cathy Salika

August 15, 2011 meeting minutes approved as amended. (Alphabetical rotation of meeting note-taker decision added; Cindy added her name to the bottom as the August note-taker.)

CARLI Updates

The CARLI Board met September 9th. Approval was given to the abolition of the Products & Services Vetting Committee due to low usage. This should occur by the end of the year after CARLI staff develop a mechanism for submission of new product recommendations.

The Number of Copies in I-Share recommendation was announced to I-Share Directors and I-Share Liaisons in August. A "frequently asked questions" page has been developed for the CARLI web site, which provides additional information about the recommendation.

Approval was given to fill the vacancy left after David Hamilton’s resignation. A job posting went out for a new Electronic Services Coordinator.

It was reported that this year there are 16 new directors in CARLI libraries. Also, subscriptions selected through the CARLI e-resources brokering program have increased 200% since 2005 levels.

CARLI has been asked to investigate the technical and legal questions surrounding the use of I-Share union catalog records for commercial discovery systems.

Kris shared a request from Susan Singleton to have members send in information about issues being experienced with inadequate MARC records from Alexander Street Press.

IUG Team Reports

Resource Sharing (Howard)

The team last met September 8th via phone-in.

Progress is being made on a Fall Webinar to be held the morning of October 12th and the afternoon of October 13th. Under the title, “Items of Interest”, topics to be covered include:

  • Welcome to CARLI
  • Navigating the CARLI website
  • ShelfLister 2.0 Demo
  • UB Policy Thresholds: Planning & Implementation

ISU is exploring using an open access hold shelf. This concept would have them operating similarly to public libraries where book requests are assigned a number. Patrons would be given the number and they would self-service getting the items off the shelf. Staff would still monitor to see that no patron’s request is taken by another.

The team has reviewed the delivery policies in the I-Share Library Resource Sharing Code. They deemed it sufficient with a minor re-write. The five-year-old document on the website should be refreshed and brought to peoples' attention again. Update should be completed by November.

Acquisitions/Serials (Megan)

The team has met August 24th and September 21st.

WINK tutorials are being developed on common acquisition functions. To determine the level of interest on additional topics, a survey will go out.

Discussions are underway for having more open house meetings or having a webinar. Patron-Driven Acquisition (PDA) and Ebooks are being investigated as topics.

There is a concern that the Complex Publication Pattern List is out-of-date. The team is working on an update.

Cataloging and Authority Control (Ted)

The team is planning three webinars around the following:

  • "Doing it the CARLI way." - introduction to the I-Share environment for new catalogers
  • How to use tools available
  • Cataloging of Ejournals

Webinar dates will be November 14th, 15th and 16th.

In addition, there is planning for a combined Spring Forum with the Acquisitions/Serials Team.

Updates to RDA training will be made on the wiki. They will follow recommendations on genre format.

The philosophy of, and technology involved in the cataloging of free electronic resources has been discussed. They did not alter anything in the ICAT report. No change in consortial practice was indicated.

The team is investigating the incorporation of library school interns in consortium-wide projects or practicums. They would like to design a specific project and then develop a template for design of future projects.

Instruction Team (Nancy)

Meeting dates have been August 23rd (in person) and September 20th.

No fall workshop will be held. In its place, the team is reviewing the Instruction Team Wiki. All of the old submissions have been removed due to their age. A survey will go out in mid-October to determine awareness of the wiki, whether there is interest in using and submitting to such, and topics of relevancy if the wiki is to be continued.

Plans are being made for an in-person “Unconference”. Refer to these links if one is not familiar with this concept:

Topics and moderators will be solicited via a wiki prior to the meeting date. Team members will facilitate breakout sessions. Tentative dates for the conference are January 10th and a snow date of the 12th. (Note: After the IUG meeting these were updated to January 10th and 13th.)

Planning for a Spring Forum is underway for late May or early June. Dr. Sharon Chubbuck, Marquette University, Milwaukee, WI has been contacted as a participant. She is developing a proposal to present information about working with multicultural students.

OPAC (Belinda)

The team met August 16th and September 14th.

The New Titles List format is being changed to match that of VuFind. They are also reviewing the item type and other icons.

Problems in having added a second search box at the bottom of the screen have occurred when searches return little or no results. The team hopes to rectify this.

Regarding Extensible Format (XC), discussion has begun about what basic features are desired in a start-up product.

Ex Libris Development Visit

Kris reports that EL tried two development visits last spring in Europe and found this very helpful in seeing how libraries use their product. They wish to incorporate what they find into ALMA development.

The North American Ex Libris Group called for volunteers to host such visits in the States. CARLI responded with a proposal given the consortium’s history, diversity and resource sharing volume. Also, the group acts as a “virtual regional cloud”.

There have been 6-7 proposals, with two to be selected by Ex Libris. It is possible that such a visit would occur as soon as October. Kris had emailed the visit schedules created by the two European sites. IUG indicated planning to go forth on a structure where Ex Libris would visit CARLI offices and to observe Illinois sites of varying types and sizes. Attention would be given to consortial structure and function, standard and UB workflows, consortial use of the Union Catalog, and PDA project (if available). Sites volunteering for consideration in today’s meeting include:

Carlos – Northwestern Illinois University
Ted - Illinois State University
Tom - William Rainey Harper College
Cindy - Millikin University
Belinda - North Central College (on a stand-by basis as key staff will be on leave in October)

Discussion ensued as to whether to include the IUG Team sometime in the visit schedule. If this is indicated, changes may be made to the Team’s meeting schedule. Kris hopes to hear Ex Libris’ decision next week.

Kris will mail IUG Team members updates from the Ex Libris National Conference on the corporation, ALMA development and the Voyager product. She reports that ALMA is progressing, however as yet there is not yet much consortial functionality built in.

Items from the IUG Action Plan


Discussion ensued regarding the sponsorship of a mid-winter informational webinar (January?). Topics suggested might include: a review of the Ex Libris visit, if it occurs; updates on progress toward a new ILS; the future of Voyager; working team highlights; review of this year’s IUG Action Plan; and information about what is IUG and how it relates to “you”. Carlos volunteered to take the lead by writing a potential agenda, Belinda volunteered to help. More volunteers will be requested to serve on a task force to accomplish this endeavor.

Items from the IUG Action Plan – Timing of Upgrades:

A survey (Survey Monkey) will be developed to ascertain what calendar dates in 2012 and 2013 would be the best, and worst, times for implementation of Voyager upgrades. This will be sent to I-Share library liaisons with the request that they consult with their staff before answering the survey. IUG members will review the survey content prior to it being released.

It was noted that the next Voyager upgrade may be a big one. Potentially, it will be to either version 8.1 or 8.2. Even with Ex Libris’ work on ALMA, Voyager 9 and 10 are still being developed.

New Business

Ebook Summit:

This combined meeting between IUG, the Collection Working Group and the EResource Working Group will be held October 28th at the Hilton Garden Inn across the street from the CARLI offices. It is estimated that there will be thirty committee members and 10 CARLI office staff in attendance.

A possible agenda for the day could include Susan Singleton beginning by defining expectations. Then panels would define issues and set the stage for attendee discussion. Each group would have nominated representatives so each panel could be composed of one from each of the three groups and one from CARLI Office.

To form an agenda, it was determined that Kris will send out information prior to the day so attendees can form opinions and questions. It was suggested that the other two groups involved do the same. Discussion would begin with the concerns identified by IUG as they asked that the gathering be held. Once all of the participating groups have defined and submitted their areas of concern, an agenda will be finalized.

The IUG has defined the following concerns:

  • Metadata
  • Discovery
  • Resource sharing
  • Collection development
  • Ownership

Carlos had expressed an interest in Ebooks and the PDA initiative. He was satisfied that this will be covered.

A confirmation of attendance will go out to all concerned prior to the meeting.

Miscellaneous Announcements

The next IUG meeting is scheduled for an in-person gathering Thursday, November 17th unless changes are dictated by attendance at an Ex Libris product development visit.

The CARLI Annual Meeting Webinar will be held Wednesday, November 9that 10:00.

Ted, as Chair of ELUNA’s Voyager Product Working Group, informed the group of the Friday, September 30th deadline for Voyager 9 enhancement requests. These may be submitted either to Ex Libris via eSupport, or to ELUNA via NERS.

Tom asked if anyone was aware if the Great Lakes User Group will be having a meeting to be held in Indianapolis. This will be investigated and a response given.

Kris mentioned that the ELUNA conference will be held next May in Salt Lake City.

Respectfully submitted:
Nancy L. Laverdiere