I-Share User's Group Meeting: July 15, 2011

Members Present: Tom Goetz, Chair; Howard Carter; Mary Case; Belinda Cheek; Cindy Fuller; Carlos Melian; Ted Schwitzner

Members Absent: Megan Bernal, Nancy Laverdiere.

CARLI Staff Attending: Lorna Engels; Kris Hammerstrand; Cathy Salika.

Minutes of May 20, 2011 were approved.

Meeting dates

Friday, September 23, conference call 10am – noon
Thursday, November 17, at CARLI office, 10am – 2pm
Wednesday, January 18, conference call 10am – noon
Friday, March 16, in-person, location TBD, 10am – 2pm
Friday, May 18, in-person at CARLI office, 10am – 2pm

Team Liaisons

Belinda Cheek: OPAC
Howard Carter: Resource Sharing
Ted Schwitzner: Cataloging
Megan Bernal: Acq/Ser (pending)
Nancy Laverdiere: Instruction (pending)


Ted Schwitzner volunteered, and was unanimously voted in as IUG Chair for 2012-2013.

CARLI Updates

  • Voyager upgrade to version 7.25 went smoothly, and there are only a few issues left to resolve. The upgrade provides better support for connections to other products, but not a lot of new features that would be obvious to public and staff users.
  • The reports server has a problem with synching processes, which occurred after a planned power outage in June. Until those issues are resolved, the server is being updated once a day at 3:00 a.m.
  • The “TomCat” Voyager catalog interface has been disabled.
  • CARLI continues to support WebVoyage Classic, though ExLibris no longer supports it.
  • VuFind location facets were implemented on June 29th.
  • Round 2 of UB standardizations were rolled out on July 1. This extends the number of renewals for FAC and AC EMPLY patrons to 6, institutes a 2-week non-renewable loan period for non-print materials that are UB-able, and suspends overdue fines on UB lending transactions.
  • The tentative date for implementing standardized blocks is January 1. Beginning in September, a new monthly informational report for each library will be run to show how many and which patrons would be blocked based on the new standard. The report will continue after the blocks are implemented.
  • CARLI has been involved in field testing for Voyager 8 and submitted 51 incidents which included bugs, documentation revisions, and enhancement requests, all but 3 of which were fixed before the general release. Due to the number of system resources required by Voyager 8, CARLI will not be implementing it this summer. When CARLI is ready for the Voyager 8 upgrade, IUG will be asked to provide input to determine the best dates.
  • CARLI is now part of the Five Colleges Depository.
  • The Patron Driven Acquisition (PDA) project will be starting this fall. Next week, CARLI staff will meet with YPB to discuss records to put into the database. UIUC will do the fulfillment work. The Items will be owned by CARLI, but stored at UIUC. CARLI is still sorting out the details with record to processing and where the records will reside. The Collections Working Group conducted an analysis of duplicate copies of titles in I-Share and their circulation rates, and provided the Board with a general recommendation on the number of copies needed of any given title within the consortium; however, the BOD has formed a sub-committee to work on narrowing the recommended ranges. This will likely be an important piece in future licensing negotiations with e-book vendors.
  • XC demo server is now available: xc-demo.carli.illinois.edu. IUG was cautioned that this is a demo server, not a test server. It includes all UIUC bib records and does not have a real-time connection to Voyager.
  • Susan Singleton has charged the Resource Sharing team to learn more about software that allows borrowing across disparate systems.
  • CARLI may look into releasing an RFP for a consortial e-book purchase during the coming year.

Planning for this year

Several issues that need to be addressed during the course of the year were discussed.

  • Carried over from last year:
    • open source library systems: capabilities, availability, etc.
    • borrowing over disparate systems
    • upgrade schedule
    • review of new UB blocks
  • Other:
    • patron driven acquisitions
    • e-books purchasing and sharing
    • disseminating information about XC
    • possible webinar on IUG issues
  • IUG needs to work collaboratively with the Collections and Resource Sharing groups on the PDA and e-books issues; to that end, the IUG Chair will contact the Collections group to see if some members could attend the September IUG meeting, and ask the Resource Sharing group if IUG members can phone in to the Resource Sharing conference call on October 13th.

To do

IUG Chair Tom Goetz will draft the IUG Action Plan for the year and email it to the IUG list and will ask Megan and Nancy if they are willing to be assigned as liaisons to the Acq/Ser and Instruction Teams.

Meeting adjourned at 2:00 p.m.