I-Share Next Task Force Meeting, August 11-12, 2015

CARLI Office, Champaign

Members attending: Pat Boze (Illinois State Library), Anita Foster (Illinois State University), Cindy Fuller (Millikin University), Kristine Hammerstrand (CARLI), Tammy Kuhn-Schnell (Lincoln Land Community College), Tami Luedtke (DePaul University), Michael Norman (University of Illinois Urbana Champaign), Ted Schwitzner (CARLI), Matthew Short (Northern Illinois University), Susan Singleton (CARLI), Connie Walsh (CARLI), Suzanne Wilson (Illinois Wesleyan University)

Members absent: Tom Goetz (Harper College).

Staff attending: None.

Guests: None.

Meeting Overview

During this two day meeting, the Task Force performed an in depth review of the knowledge bases and linking chapter. Members followed that with development of specifications for authentication. Reviews continued over standards, staff user permissions, reporting, integration, and indexing.

The second day of discussion involved a review of each working area’s expectations for data migration. The Task Force prioritized several types of data as essential, then as strongly desired, and established specifications for evaluating vendors’ abilities to perform the migrations.

The Task Force finalized the scoring weights for each chapter and subchapter of the RFP.

Finally, the Task Force determined that an additional two day meeting in September would be required to complete the specifications portion of the RFP. Given the length of the RFP and the time until the September 25 CARLI Board meeting, the TF should prepare an executive summary for Board Members to review in advance of the meeting. Board members will have the option to review the full RFP onsite prior to the meeting.


•    The Task Force will prepare an executive summary of the RFP for presentation to the CARLI Board of Directors.


•    None.

Tasks assigned

•    Review and deduplicate authentication subchapter (Michael).
•    Handoff System Implementation & Infrastructure subchapter to Brandon Gant (Kris).
•    Finalize evaluation and scoring for Selecting & Acquiring chapter (Cindy).
•    Finalize evaluation and scoring for KB-Linking chapter (Tami)
•    Finalize evaluation and scoring for Describing chapter (Matt)
•    Finalize evaluation and scoring for Sharing chapter (Pat)
•    Finalize evaluation and scoring for System-wide chapter
•    Draft executive summary of the RFP for the CARLI Board (Kris)
•    Final cleanup of RFP Draft (all)
•    Poll for September meeting dates (Ted)

Meeting Dates and Deadlines

•    Next Meeting: August 25-26, CARLI Office, Champaign
•    September meeting TBD, CARLI Office, Champaign