I-Share Next Task Force, December 4, 2014

Lewis Library, Loop Campus, DePaul University, Chicago

Members attending: Pat Boze (Illinois State Library), Anita Foster (Illinois State University), Cindy Fuller (Millikin University), Tom Goetz (Harper College), Kristine Hammerstrand (CARLI), Tammy Kuhn-Schnell (Lincoln Land Community College), Tami Luedtke (DePaul University), Michael Norman (University of Illinois Urbana Champaign), Ted Schwitzner (CARLI), Matthew Short (Northern Illinois University), Susan Singleton (CARLI), Connie Walsh (CARLI), Suzanne Wilson (Illinois Wesleyan University)

Members absent: none

Staff attending: Margaret Chambers, Brandon Gant

Guests: Frances McNamara (University of Chicago), Stuart Miller (University of Chicago).

Meeting Overview:

The meeting began with a review of the timeline adjustments being presented to the CARLI Board. Kris and Connie outlined the modifications to the timeline resulting from the Task Force’s November 21 recommendation to push back the date for submitting the RFP to the Board to September 2015. The new timeline also includes a longer period when the RFP may be under review by U I Purchasing and/or the State Procurement Officer.

The Task Force then met with Frances McNamara and Stuart Miller of the University of Chicago, who provided details on the University’s decision to implement OLE. McNamara and Miller delivered a thorough set of answers to the TF’s questions, and they provided some glimpses of the system in operation. They did state that the consortial functionality we require was not present yet, nor would they be able to comment on it. The OLE Functional Council has a team, led by Carlen Ruschoff of University of Maryland, beginning to work on functional requirements for consortial implementation of OLE.

Following this presentation, the TF discussed options for continuing to explore open source systems in the RFP process. An open question remains as to whether the ISNTF may evaluate open source products using the RFP requirements after the RFP draft is sent to UI Purchasing for review, but before the RFP has been posted. The ISNTF believes this would be a good use of their time during the several months the RFP is expected to be under review.

Members expressed interest in asking questions of other development partners, including the University of Maryland which could be working with some consortial options. TF members acknowledged the need to evaluate open source systems with the same specifications developed for the RFP.

Kris raised a question to the group as to whether they would be interested in meeting with libraries that had recently chosen other systems, i.e., presentations similar to today’s meeting with University of Chicago. The Task Force expressed interest and Kris and Ted will contact Northwestern University about a possible meeting about their Alma project.


  • No decisions


  • No announcements

Tasks assigned:

  • Kris and Ted will draft a call for volunteers to specification-draft teams, active working period estimated for February to May of 2015
  • Kris to contact Carlen Ruschoff at University of Maryland about how CARLI might provide input on the OLE consortial specifications
  • Susan to contact the OLE Board about what options there may be for CARLI to get more involved with OLE without having formally committed to the product
  • Kris will send invitations to vendors for webinar scheduling

Continuing tasks:

  • TF Assignment: Work in teams to draft specification concepts for the areas of “Working”
    • Knowledge bases, Selecting, Acquiring: Anita, Cindy, Tami, Tammy
    • Describing: Matt, Michael
    • Sharing: Pat, Sue, Tom
  • TF Assignment: CARLI User Services to draft specifications for the area of “Implementing”

Meeting Dates and Deadlines:

  • Next Meeting: Friday, January 16, 2015, CARLI Office, Champaign
  • Schedule of I-Share Next Task Force Meetings:
    • Friday, February 20, 2015, CARLI Office, Champaign
    • Friday, March 20, 2015, CARLI Office, Champaign
    • Following on the third Friday of each month
    • The group will consider the possibility of and timing for a two day meeting