I-Share Next Task Force: August 5, 2014

CARLI Office, Champaign

Members attending: Pat Boze (Illinois State Library), Anita Foster (Illinois State University), Cindy Fuller (Millikin University), Tom Goetz (Harper College), Kristine Hammerstrand (CARLI), Tammy Kuhn-Schnell (Lincoln Land Community College), Tami Luedtke (DePaul University), Michael Norman (University of Illinois Urbana Champaign), Ted Schwitzner (CARLI), Matthew Short (Northern Illinois University), Susan Singleton (CARLI), Connie Walsh (CARLI), Suzanne Wilson (Illinois Wesleyan University)

Members absent: none

Staff attending: Margaret Chambers, Cindy Clennon, Diane Day, Brandon Gant

Guests: Cathy Link, (State of Illinois Chief Procurement Office—Higher Education), Justin Johnston, (University of Illinois Purchasing), Brad Henson (University of Illinois Purchasing)

Meeting Overview

During the morning portion of the meeting, the Task Force focused on member introductions and background information, including the proposed timeline for the process. Invited guests from Purchasing and CARLI staff members joined the meeting at lunch. The guests presented an overview of the current Illinois public higher education procurement process. The meeting concluded with the Task Force establishing an ongoing meeting schedule.


  • The I-Share Next project timeline is a public document; the timeline is also dynamic, and will be adjusted as needs dictate.
  • We will contact the vendors that responded to the RFI, and invite them to provide demonstration webinars for the CARLI membership. These demonstrations are intended to educate the membership about the potential of next gen systems, and raise the expectations of membership, but they will not play into evaluation of RFP responses.
  • Requested that University of Illinois Purchasing consult with University of Illinois General Counsel regarding how to evaluate Kuali OLE as an open source product if it has no vendor proposing it, but only CARLI staff developers.


  • CARLI tentatively plans to upgrade Voyager from version 7.2.5 to version 9.1 in Summer of 2015.
  • CARLI’s technical infrastructure is sound, including a virtualized environment that improved performance for I-Share over the previous infrastructure. 
  • Three libraries will not move from current I-Share to I-Share Next. Chicago School of Professional Psychology will leave I-Share, and CARLI, by end of 2014. Harrington College of Design and Kendall College will leave prior to migration to I-Share Next.

Tasks assigned:

  • Kris will send invitations to Basecamp
  • Kris will post RFI responses to Basecamp
  • All members to review RFI responses for terminology and overview of vendors’ products
  • Ted will develop a glossary for terminology to Basecamp
  • Ted and Kris will invite vendors to provide informational webinars on consortial functionality
  • Kris will talk with Margaret Chambers about video capture and distribution options for webinar
  • All members to think about values for crafting the mission and vision for ISNTF, by 9/11

Meeting Dates and Deadlines:

  • Next Meeting: Thursday, September 11, 2014, CARLI Office, Champaign
  • Schedule of I-Share Next Task Force Meetings:
    • Friday, October 17, 2014, CARLI Office, Champaign
    • Friday, November 21, 2014, CARLI Office, Champaign
    • Following on the third Friday of each month