I-Share Resource Sharing Team Meeting: November 1, 2012

Present: Debbie Campbell-CARLI, Howard Carter-SIC, Lorna Engels- CARLI, Sandy Harris-ONU, Sarah McHone-Chase-NIU, Amanda Musacchio-ADL, Matt Ostercamp-NPU, Amanda Pippitt-MIL, Janelle Sander-UIU,

Absent: Jennifer Funk-MCK, Kathy Willis-ELM


Approval of October minutes:


CARLI report (Lorna)

  • New libraries-Training is on schedule. System Admin training is done. Next is the Cataloging Client.
  • Annual meeting will be held next Fri (Nov. 9th). Today was deadline for registration.

IUG report

No meeting was held in Oct. The next scheduled meeting will be next Thursday, Nov. 8th.

Fall Webinar

  • Amanda Musacchio sent out email for ideas for webinar. Needs help with ideas and doing sessions. Look over top 3 responses from survey and email any ideas to her within the next two weeks.
    • Interlibrary relations & fines/ realistic expectations for lost/ damaged books
    • Interlibrary loaning electronic resources
    • Training and customer service for student workers
  • Webinar has been pushed back until Dec. 6th. Three ½ hour session. 20 min on topic and 10 min discussion.
  • Registration will need to go out by Nov. 16th.

Other Business

Matt questioned how the RDA and UB borrowing will work. How will it work with AARC2? There is a concern about two Catalog records. Can they be merged? Lorna will ask OPAC and Cataloging for input.

April 1st is the target date to start implementing RDA. UIU and a few others already using.

Matt would like to try a different way of meeting. Possibly Google Hangout? You would need a Google account. LYNC was also suggested and many already have it.

Everyone is to check on webcam availability and get back to Amanada M. as soon as possible. Possibly do a test run.