I-Share Resource Sharing Team Meeting: September 6, 2012

Members Present: Amanda Musacchio (chair, Adler School of Professional Psychology from lovely Vancouver), Matt Ostercamp (North Park University), Dan Patterson (Chicago School of Professional Psychology), Amanda Pippitt (Millikin University), Jennifer Funk (McKendree University), Sarah McHone-Chase (NIU), Sandy Harris (Olivet Nazarene University), Janelle Sander (UIUC), Howard Carter (SIUC, IUG liaison), Lorna Engels (CARLI).

Members Absent: Kathy Willis (Elmhurst College)


Minutes: Amanda Pippitt

Meeting called to order at 2:00pm

August minutes-  approved


  1. CARLI report (Lorna)- 
    • ShelfLister 3.0:  Haven’t had much time to work on this as there was no access to the test environment while the servers were being moved, plus Kathy Chang and Mel Farrell, who were the primary CARLI staff working on this project, retired.  Now have the test environment back, but still not staff availability and new CARLI staff will be starting soon and will need to be trained.
    • New CARLI staff: Two new Library Services Coordinators will be starting on October 1st, Debbie Campbell (from Millikin University) and Nicole Swanson (from Wheaton).
    • New I-Share members:  Four new schools will be part of I-Share by the end of the year, Richland Community College, Southeastern Illinois Community College, Southwestern Illinois Community College, and Morton College.
  2. IUG report (Howard)- met on August 29th at the CARLI offices in Champaign.  Discussions included:
    • OCLC number expansion:  Coming in July 2013 due to anticipated addition of one billionth record in WorldCat.  Need to make sure library systems that use this number are able to accommodate the expansion.  These numbers are important for deduplication of records.
    • PDA project:  Purchases are slow.  Of the $70,000 allocated for the project in February 2012, only approximately $20,000 has been spent so far.  Purchases are mainly in the social sciences and the humanities.
    • RFP on e-books:  The aim is to include all CARLI members, not just I-Share libraries.
    • Teams are planning webinars and in person meetings for the year.  Instruction team is planning an in-person “unconference” in January.  Acquisitions team is planning a webinar in October but no topic has been announced. The OPAC team is has been discussing the impact of RDA, discovery layers, Hathi Trust records, and other topics.  The Cataloging team is planning meetings about copy cataloging in the fall and RDA in the spring
    • IUG: Upcoming activities for the year include: 1) discussions of the new committee structure for CARLI teams/committees, how to integrate the four new I-Share libraries, an update to the I-Share liaison webguide and a spring I-Share liaison forum.
    • FYI: ExLibris Alma for consortia webinar is on September 24th.
  3. October 19th Resource Sharing Team “Unconference” Planning- 
    • We are scheduled for October 19th at Illinois Valley Community College (IVCC) in Oglesby, Illinois.  The venue has one big room and two smaller rooms.  The rooms can fit more people if just chairs and not chairs and tables.  Team decided to set up with chairs.
    • Ideas floating around for discussions on: student workers (customer service and policies and procedures), Fish training/customer service, library world acronyms and lingo, inter-library relations & fines/problem patrons/realistic expectations for lost-damaged books, article exchange, e-ILL. 
    • Previous “unconference” worked this way:  CARLI staff sent out a survey with suggestions for topics, and a blank to suggest further topics.  On the day of the event, the top choices were voted on by those attending and the top three choices were established as the focus of three group discussions.  Attendees broke off in to discussions and came back together at the end of the day to present what they had discussed to the larger group.
    • Lorna will come up with a Survey Monkey survey for the team to look at and then send out to members, along with registration information.
  4. White paper on the state of ILL-
    • Discussed briefly at last meeting.  Jen and Amanda M. both expressed interest in working on this project, as did Matt, though perhaps when beginning of semester stuff slows down.  Perhaps to complete to turn in to CARLI board by end of team/academic year?

Other Business

Janelle:  UIUC has programmers working on a ShelfLister Android app for their library.  Will share with the rest of the group.

Sandy:  What is the standard practice for notifying patrons when their ILL items are ready for pick-up?  Members discussed and email notices seemed to be the standard.

Meeting adjourned at 2:45pm

Next meeting:  Thursday, October 4th at 2pm via conference call.