I-Share Resource Sharing Team Meeting: March 8, 2012

Secretary Matt Ostercamp

Attending: Pam Greenlee, Sarah McHone-Chase, Amanda Musacchio, Matt Ostercamp, Amanda Pippitt, Peggy Roth, Kathy Willis (Chair), Howard Carter


February minutes were approved.


CARLI report - Mel:

  • Patron Driven Acquisitions project launched on 2/14/2012
    • Items being requested & processed
    • Reports forthcoming
    • Money ($70,000) amount approved by CARLI Board
  • Lanter Delivery Van Stolen
    • Tracked down as many items as possible
    • Claims being placed by libraries
  • Lorna Update on Training
    • Cataloging training on 3/27 & 28 full w/ waiting list
    • Circulation training on 4/11, space open
    • Acquisition and serial training in June
    • MFHD training in late spring & early summer
    • Discovery forum registration is full

IUG report – Howard

  • IUG met on March 1
  • Acq. Team spring forum on May 4, at Newberry
  • Upcoming Acq open house at Eastern Illinois Univ (May 17th)
  • Instruction team at Catholic Theological Union on Diverse and International Student Instruction
  • OPAC working on series and volume information display
  • Upcoming IUG webinar on April 13th.
  • What IUG is
  • Future of ILS
  • Update on XC developments
  • Let people know what teams doing to recruit volunteers
  • ELUNA presentation from IUG members at the conference in Salt Lake City
    • Cloud based services & collections
  • Question about items with “In Transit” status and request for resource sharing team to address this
    • Amanda (?) offered to start a discussion of this at forum
    • Libraries can run reports to see what items are listed as “In Transit”
    • Mel explained that there are 3 different “In Transit” statuses
    • After filling a call slip
    • UB discharge of a book at non-home librar
    • Libraries with multiple circ desks can have local “In Transit”
    • Fixing “In Transit on Hold” may require CARLI intervention to resolve.
  • Lending of non-book items
    • IUG would like to loosen restriction on these items
    • Loss rate less than 2% of items sent out
    • Some libraries lend freely and some don’t
    • Fear of loss may not be a major reason why libraries don’t lend
    • Concern about length of time but loan period has been reduced to 2 weeeks
    • Damage is another concern
    • We may discuss this at the RST forum
  • Next IUG meeting on May 18th with team chairs and annual reports due

Forum update

  • Resource Sharing 101 April 25th is the date.
    • Registration will be set up after this meeting
      • Morning
      • Refreshments 9:30-10
      • Welcome by Kathy at 10
      • CARLI report by Mel
        • PDA statistics
        • UB Standardization Statistics
        • UB Blocks
        • Non-print circulation
      • Ask the Experts Panel 11:45-12
        • Kathy will be the emcee
        • Panelist will do introduction to concepts and Q&A
        • Loss procedures – Mel
        • In transit – Amanda
        • Managing patron blocks & block letters – Peggy
          • Clarify what a block means
      • Lunch
      • Afternoon sessions
        • 2 sessions that will be repeated
        • Packaging for ILDS & damaged items
          • Packaging for ILDS & damaged items - Pam
          • Video will highlight common mistakes with packaging
          • Will be posted online probably Youtube
        • Call Slips to Manifests
          • Leslie Starasta from LCC to give perspective of a small university
          • Would like volunteer from large university
      • Will not reconvene after the second session but will adjourn
  • Will meet in April so we will have time to tweak the forum if necessary.
  • Will invite other presenters to join us at the April meeting.

Next meeting 4/12/2012.