I-Share Resource Sharing Team Meeting: December 8, 2011

Members Present: Kathy Willis (Chair, Elmhurst), Amanda Musacchio (Adler School of Professional Psychology), Amanda Pippitt (Millikin University), Sarah McHone-Chase (Northern Illinois University), Matt Ostercamp (North Park University), Dan Patterson (Chicago School of Professional Psychology), Rachelle Stivers (Heartland Community College), Howard Carter (IUG Liaison, Southern Illinois University), Lorna Engels (CARLI), Mel Farrell (CARLI)

Members Absent: Pam Greenlee (Olivet Nazarene University)

Meeting called to order at 2:00pm


November minutes were unanimously approved.


  • CARLI report
    • A Purchase on Demand (POD)/Patron-Driven Acquisition (PDA) program is being tested with a roll-out date planed for January 10, 2012. More information will be forthcoming.
    • HathiTrust records are being loaded into the Resource database and tested. These records will be visible in the Union Catalog. HathiTrust member libraries can download items while non-members can access material with certain restrictions. More information will be forthcoming.
    • UB Block implementation will begin January 5, 2012.
    • Mary Burkee is the new E-Resources Coordinator at CARLI.
    • Shelflister 3.0 is in development and will include a Dewey version. Olivet Nazarene University is working with the developer on this.
    • In late January letters will be sent to libraries with suggestions and options for purging patron records. The need for this was highlighted by numerous superfluous records noticed during the work for UB standardization.
  • IUG report- IUG has not meet since the last Resource Sharing meeting. No report.
  • Delivery Best Practices- The suggestion to include notification of damages both on items going out and being returned will be included in the revised best practices.

Other Business

Other-Li Fu has resigned from Chicago State University and thus will no longer serve on this committee. A review of the volunteer database and desire to maintain the representation of various library types suggest Peggy Roth from Western Illinois University as an appropriate and willing candidate.
Kathy Willis, chair, will not be able to attend the January 12 meeting. Mel Ferrell has agreed to chair the meeting.

Meeting concluded at 2.30.

Next meeting is January 12 at 2 pm.