I-Share Resource Sharing Team Meeting: November 10, 2011

Members Present: Sarah McHone-Chase (NIU), Amanda Musacchio (Adler School of Professional Psychology), Matt Ostercamp (North Park University), Dan Patterson (Chicago School of Professional Psychology), Amanda Pippitt (Millikin University), Rachelle Stivers (Heartland Community College), Kathy Willis (Elmhurst College), Howard Carter (SIUC, IUG liaison), Lorna Engels (CARLI).

Members Absent: Li Fu (Chicago State University), Pam Greenlee (Olivet Nazarene University), Mel Farrell (CARLI)

Minutes: Amanda Pippitt

Meeting called to order at 2:00pm


October minutes approved.


  1. CARLI report (Lorna)- Not a whole lot going on at the moment, which is ok. Two initiatives CARLI is working on are: a) Patron driven acquisition(PDA): CARLI is working on getting this up and running (hopefully by January). Records are being loaded in an extra database (res-db) that will be findable in the I-Share catalog, but not in individual local catalogs. b) Hathi Trust records: another set of records CARLI is working on loading in the res-db extra database. Will also be present in the I-Share catalog, but not locals.
  2. IUG report (Howard)- IUG has not met since the last Resource Sharing Team meeting. Their next meeting is on 12/16/11. Attended the e-book meeting in Champaign on 10/28/11, which had about 30 attendees from IUG, the collections group, and the e-resources group. Discussions concentrated on defining issues and questions to be asked about consortial e-book purchasing and implementation and some of the issues raised were: would consortial e-books be for CARLI or I-Share (or some combination)?, purchasing vs. subscribing, when?, and pros and cons of various types of deals. CARLI will be asking for an RFP after ALA midwinter so that some informal discussions can be had with vendors first.
  3. Webinar feedback- Mel sent out a link to team members to view feedback for our fall Webinar, which looked largely positive, except for some complaints about technical issues encountered during the course of each offering of the webinar. Attendance was good. Lorna brought up that the University of Illinois will be eliminating phone lines during the next fiscal year and moving to all VOIP communication. We can start testing out the new system in January.
  4. Best practice suggestion for UB blocks- Amanda P. asked if there could be a line added to the Circ/ILL wiki once the UB blocks go into effect in January that would let each library share whether or not they automatically block (with a SysAdmin setting) borrowing at their own institution when UB blocks are enacted on a patron. After some discussion, the team decided that when the blocks go into effect in January, we strongly recommend libraries enact this SysAdmin setting as a best practice, and give some reasoning as to why (will save time and resources as circulation/ILL staff will not need to send block requests to other libraries).
  5. Best practice on damaged items for ILL- Sarah revised the document on best practices for I-Share Best Practices: Damaged items, specifically to include some consideration of media items. It may need some screen shot illustrations added to it. The team will share the draft with appropriate staff at their libraries and have a final discussion at our next meeting in December before having it posted on the CARLI website.

Other Business

  1. Sarah asked if there has been any further discussion/consideration of RapidILL, something discussed in IUG several years ago. We discussed whether it would be at all valuable for CARLI members, given current resources. Lorna said she would ask around to see if it is something the CARLI Board would like to investigate.
  2. Sarah asked if there is a best practices document for billing on the CARLI website. We all thought that there is (though we had difficulty finding it quickly) as our past minutes refer to it quite a bit. It looks like it was last updated around 2006, and the team decided to take a look at updating it again next spring, after the UB blocking goes into effect.
  3. Lorna sent a link to an ILL conference in Dubuque, Iowa in case any would like to attend or present

Next meeting will be December 8, 2pm.