I-Share Resource Sharing Team Meeting: October 6, 2011

Members Present: Kathy Willis (Chair, Elmhurst), Amanda Musacchio (Adler School of Professional Psychology), Amanda Pippitt (Millikin University), Sarah McHone-Chase (Northern Illinois University), Matt Ostercamp (North Park University), Pam Greenlee (Olivet Nazarene University), Dan Patterson (Chicago School of Professional Psychology), Howard Carter (IUG Liaison, Southern Illinois University), Lorna Engels (CARLI), Mel Farrell (CARLI), Rachelle Stivers (Heartland Community College).

Members Absent: Li Fu (Chicago State)

Meeting called to order at 2:00pm.


September minutes were unanimously approved.


CARLI report- Mel: CARLICARLI will move forward on a plan to offer Voyager patron purge services. It is in its initial stages. Will also create a best practice on what kind of purge date I-Share libraries can use. Timeframe: unknown. Many expired patrons have been found in Voyager databases. Purging is not automatic; once patrons hit the purge date they do not automatically purge; I-Share libraries can request a Purge from CARLI. Performed first run on UB lost book counter report; we agree we need to tweak report parameters: lost items found with fees attached and lost items found without fees attached. The latter criteria will be used. Final Date for annual meeting is November 9th 10:00 – 11:30. It is a webinar. CARLI newsletter contains a link to an idea suggestion form. Mel asks for a volunteer to monitor attendee list for each webinar next week so Mel can match that list against registration list. Pam volunteers to monitor the Wednesday morning webinar; Kathy volunteers to monitor the Thursday afternoon webinar. Mel also asks all I-Share committee members attending each webinar to monitor the chat window and answer any questions they can.

IUG report- Howard: IUG met on Sept. 23rd. Things of interest. Cataloging team offering webinars in November. RDA training opportunities posted in CARLI wiki. Instruction team not having a fall webinar but will update wiki and a conference in January where people will suggest topics people would like to discuss and then discuss said topics. Planning a Spring conference on how to work with multicultural students. OPAC team working on new look in VuFind for New Titles. Also looking to eliminate second search box on the bottom of certain VuFind screens.. IUG planning a webinar in January to discuss the future of Voyager and the status of ILS and also what IUG is and does. They are sending out a survey to users on best/worst times for upgrades. Ebook meeting on Oct. 28 – discuss: metadata, resource sharing, consortial purchasing.

Webinar status: Webinar status is good. 50 registrations for each webinar. Reminder to all committee members to register for one of the two webinars if they have not already done so!

ShelfLister 2.0 - Matt and Mel: Can enter barcode end to retrieve a list of books in call number order. Lists historical charges, browses, and status for each book. Links directly to I-Share catalog (to see how many other libraries own the item), Amazon (to see how much a replacement may cost), WorldCat (to see how many Illinois libraries own the item), GoogleBooks (to see if older items are available full text). Demo illustrates how ShelfLister can be a useful weeding/shelf reading tool.

Meeting concluded at 3:00 pm