I-Share Resource Sharing Team Meeting: July 14, 2011

CARLI Office

Members present: Kathy Willis, Elmhurst,2011-2012 Chair, Amanda Musacchio, Adler School of Professional Psychology, Amanda Pippitt, Millikin University, Sarah McHone-Chase, Northern Illinois University, Matt Ostercamp, North Park University, Rachelle Stivers , Heartland Community College, Li Fu, Chicago State, Dan Patterson, Chicago School of Professional Psychology, Pam Greenlee, Olivet Nazarene University, Howard Carter, SIUC,IUG Liaison, Lorna Engels, CARLI office, Mel Farrell, CARLI office

Members Absent: None

Mel opened the meeting with introductions then gave the floor to CARLI Executive Director Susan Singleton.


Susan provided a summary of some of the services and products CARLI is researching on behalf of the Consortium:

  1. XC – CARLI continues to contribute to development of the eXtensible Catalog.
  2. Software hunt-- to make it possible for non-I-Share libraries to participate in UB. Several organizations have products in development so CARLI personnel will be watching for something appropriate.
  3. The Collections Development group has written a document recommending an optimal number of copies of an item to be held in the consortium. Collection developers could use this document to modify acquisitions procedures to avoid unnecessary duplication and expenditure. The document will be discussed at the next board meeting.
  4. eBooks holdings which cannot be shared negatively impact resource sharing. CARLI will be investigating eBook aggregators and possible purchase models for consortial collection development and sharing.

Mel gave a tour of the CARLI website:
Efforts are made to keep the documents current. Teams and CARLI staff review the site to keep things updated.

Mel defined the tasks of the Resource Sharing Team:

  1. The committee is accountable to IUG and that committee can assign tasks to the team. i.e. we will be asked to work on the eBook sharing issue as it develops.
  2. Team Chair produces an annual report, due in May, which summarizes the activities of the year.
  3. The committee accepts tasks as assigned from the CARLI Board.
  4. The Resource Sharing Team hosts forums for communication with and training of I-SHARE library personnel. In the past few years this has been a combination of face-to-face and webinar meetings, to balance the advantages and disadvantages of each venue.

The committee established protocols for 2011-2012 meetings:

  1. Since the VOIP connection did not work well for use last year, this year we meet by Conference call continuing the use of the Adobe Connect white boards to share documents.
  2. Meeting time will be 2PM on the 2nd Thursday of each month.

Mel introduced the 2011-2012 Committee Chair, Kathy Willis.


IUG Report- Howard
Since IUG’s July meeting is on the 15th Howard reported on their June meeting. In June the IUG committee heard annual reports and updates from team leaders, but enacted no new business

CARLI Report – Mel

  1. Annual Reports:
    • Annual UB statistics were sent to the CARLI webmaster on 7/1. These will be posted soon on the Statistics and Reports page. These statistics are used for ILL traffic reports by member libraries.
    • UB activity
      • UB activity has increased 9% each year for the past 9 years
      • 1 in 7 IHHARE charges is a UB charge.
      • UB Circulation is growing; local circulation is drifting downward.
  2. UB Standardization Phase II was implemented July 1, 2011
    • UB long patrons, faculty and academic employees, now have 3 additional renewals for a total possible 6 renewals. This modification required re-mapping some patrons into UB long and others out, and resulted in some renewal glitches immediately after the 7.2 Voyager upgrade.
    • A typographical error in Circ Job 43, quickly remedied, caused some minor initial problems.
    • Standard overdue fines are no longer being assessed. This does not include recall fines or lost item fines.
    • Some categories of non-print items will now be available for 2-week UB lending. Excluded are item types LR (Local Request), RE (Request exempt) and N (non-circulating).
    • Since there is inconsistency in the way libraries use item types, some libraries my classify AV as LR or RE. Circulation status would need to be changed in these Matrices to permit UB lending.
  3. Phase III will implement policy thresholds, i.e. Patron Blocks.
    • The upgrade to 7.2 was necessary before Phase III could be implemented.
    • Incorrect data in the overdue, lost, claim returned, self-shelve, and fines categories could trigger a large number of inaccurate Blocks.
    • Circ Job 43, the circjob that would correct these inaccuracies will be run monthly starting in Fall 2011 to inform local data clean up potential Block errors in preparation for Phase III in January 2012.
  4. Best Practices for Blocking expired patrons will need to be updated.
  5. A script is used to tell Institutional Firewalls to stay awake and not block Voyager; it keeps Voyager ports open. The transition from inetD to SMF caused some problems. A temporary fix is in place and a permanent solution in process.
  6. CARLI has joined the 5 College Depository, a resource for print materials parallel to our electronic holdings from ACS, APA, JSTOR, Muse

After Lunch the committee discussed ideas for the Fall Forum.

Fall Forum

  • The forum will include an overview of the CARLI website – “Welcome to CARLI” or What CARLI does for you”
  • UB Standardization Phases I, II, III will be discussed.
  • Content fits a Webinar venue.
  • 2 Webinars will be offered, on AM, one PM on Oct. 12-13, 2011.
  • More details will be developed in the August RSG meeting.

Next Meeting

  • Sarah will share a link to NISO standards for physical delivery of items to be discussed in the future.
  • Members will review the possible options for counter clean up and discuss them with personnel in their libraries in preparation for August discussion.
  • Next meeting will be August 11, 2011 at 2P, via phone and Adobe Connect.

Other Business

The purpose of the stub record is to permit direct responsibility of patron to lender. Best practices for information provided on patron records will be formed into a document for the Circ/UB page. It will rely on presentation materials from the 2009 Forum.

Meeting was Adjourned at 1:50 PM.