I-Share OPAC Team Meeting: July 11, 2012

Attendance: Paul Go, Jim Lefager, Kirk Hess, Jan Waterhouse, Kelly Fisher, Jamie Bourne, Karl Pettitt, Paige Weston, Rong Li, Jacob Jeremiah


It was noted during the introductions that our team is currently without an IUG representative. Paige will fill that role until someone is assigned.

Susan Singleton was unable to attend the meeting. We’ll get an update from her at a future point.

We discussed RDA and the implications for our team. Some records coming in now have RDA content in MARC carrier, but the extra 3xx fields are not displaying in catalogs yet. Paul will start a dialog between the Cataloging and OPAC teams on RDA fields to display. CARLI workaround is to have GMD added to RDA record where it's missing so that facets will work. We looked at the slides available with I-Cat resources from the May 2011 workshop, and it was noted that the I-Cat wiki lists training opportunities.

Discovery Layer:
Paige shared a document that lists primary OPAC by institution. Libraries are able to set use attributes with Z39.50. This team could consider looking to Z39.50 tagging; Voyager search indexes show how Z39.50 is configured.

Hathi Trust:
In April, CARLI finished loading 1.2M bib records into resdb, separate from the UC and individual institutions. VuFind was configured to search both for I-Share, and individual libraries can decide whether or not to include it as a default. Libraries may not want to do this if collection is small or use mobile interface (for local, no mobile for UC) because mobile does not include HathiTrust eResources. Users can also include, exclude or only search HathiTrust from the Advanced search page. HathiTrust is available as a location filter if they were included in the search.

Other MARC records could be put into the resdb. The team decided to conduct Hathi Trust webinars to share information with CARLI libraries. Dates set are August 8 at 2:00 and August 13 at 10:00. It will be recorded and made available on the CARLI site.

HathiTrust prompted a discussion about ebook/electronic records displaying to patrons who can't access it. Many options and opinions were shared. This is something that we will continue to address.

We revisited wish list that the team created last year, which is available at http://wiki.carli.illinois.edu/index.php/OPAC_Team#OPAC_Team.27s_list_of_what_the_XC_must_do.2Finclude_before_it_will_make_an_acceptable_interface_to_the_I-Share_union_catalog and looked at the XC demo at http://extensiblecatalog.org/xc/demo.

Since VuFind uses PHP, XSL and Javascript, with one overarching CSS for all and a CSS for each library, Paige showed us a look behind the scenes at some of the VuFind code.

We discussed the addition of a “repeat this search in XXX”, WorldCat or other discovery interface, configured by the individual libraries.

The VuFind Issues List was revisited and we discussed:
Repeat your search (VuFind) - we agreed to allow libraries to customize Email output only sends title; team wanted author, call number, etc.

Replacing VuFind Cite This function with OCLC Cite This function, javascript to get it using OCLC API; Rong assisted Paige.

Add RDA fields to wish list and determine how they display in WebVoyage and VuFind and how facets will work.

New Business

Potential Activities for OPAC Committee: We discussed the possibility of an all-day forum or webinars.

Some ideas for forum session included: Z39.50 configuration, including availability, RDA field displays, and how to do an OCLC reclamation project.

In addition to HathiTrust webinars, we decided to start planning discovery layer webinars, by vendor, that will show how libraries have implemented them and how they are related to the catalog.

For this, we would have a call for presenters and propose a list of questions for each presenter to answer.