I-Share OPAC Team Meeting: June 13, 2012

Present: Kelly Fisher, Paul Go, Lisa Gonzalez, Edith List, Karl Pettitt, Jan Waterhouse, Kirk Hess (new member), Jamie Bourne (new member), Paige Weston, Belinda Cheek

Absent: Rong Li, Jake Jeremiah, Peggy Steele


New members Jamie Bourne and Kirk Hess introduced themselves; new member Jim LeFager was not able to attend. Edith, Lisa and Peggy will be rotating off the I-OPAC team, and Peggy will be retiring from UIUC at the end of June. The new chair for 2012-2013 will be Paul Go.


IUG Report:
Belinda noted that she will be rotating off IUG, and a new liaison has not yet been assigned. At the May 18th annual meeting, particular concerns for IUG for the coming year will continue to be issues related to e-books, and also encouraging more libraries to lend media.

CARLI Report:
Paige reported that three CARLI staff will be retiring soon – Mel Farrell, Anne Hudson and Kathy Chang. These staff members have a wide variety of expertise, so this will be a big change for the CARLI staff. Paige also reported that the project to move CARLI’s server farm from Chicago to Urbana is complete, and will allow CARLI staff easier access to faster servers. Paige will be moving forward with updating the VuFind customization form so that libraries can have the option to include the HathiTrust records with their local catalog search results by default.

New Business

Team Discussion:
The team discussed the issue of the “text me” feature in VuFind and long text messages. Some long text messages are broken into several messages, while some are converted from SMS to MMS messages, depending on the cell phone service provider. It was agreed that CARLI would continue to monitor this issue on a case by case basis, since the issue is closely related to each patron’s cell phone service.

The team also discussed the display of the 546 language note, and agreed that it would be helpful if the language note would display in the more details tab in VuFind.

The in person meeting was tentatively scheduled for Wednesday, July 11, and the second Wednesday of the month at 10 a.m. will continue to be the meeting time, once everyone is able to confirm their schedules.