I-Share OPAC Team Meeting: February 8, 2012

Members Present: Belinda, Edith, Jacob, Jan, Karl, Kelly, Paige, Peggy, Rong

Members Absent: None


IUG Updates (from Belinda):

  • IUG met in January and planned on an information webinar for early April. This webinar will talk about future of ILS and follow with Q&A session.
  • One of IUG’s sub-groups will present at ELUNA on the topic of “consortium as cloud.” From the abstract: “members of two consortial user groups will provide insights into the ways that libraries and library staff contribute to the growth and development of their systems, suggesting that similar models will be essential for cloud-based systems as well.”.
  • CARLI will host a Discovery session in March.

CARLI Reports (from Paige):
Paige answered the question about rationale for loading HathiTrust titles, which rose from last meeting: Susan Singleton’s question was why we wouldn’t give users access to more than a million freely available books. CARLI is looking into possible approaches to load records into catalogs and different platforms (such as potential future discovery services), through which to make data available. Paige also explained HathiTrust titles are bibliographic records for books in public domain available in electronic format.
Paige also disclosed more information for the Discovery session Belinda mentioned above, such as the date (March 15th) and contents (each vendor will talk about their own packages for one hour). There is room for 100 people to register.

SIUC article:
SIUC article mostly talks about the result of their usability tests. One of the major problems mentioned is the difficulty to navigate from local to union catalog. OPAC group thought this problem could relate to SIUC’s local setup, and their decision to offer the union catalog more prominently than the local catalog. Most members agree that they don’t feel it has been a problem in their libraries.

Display of series volume data in VuFind:
Paige already implemented the change on development server for displaying series volume numbers in the top of page display; she also reminded the group that this change will cause a broader title search than it used to be.
The team agreed to let the members that haven’t got a chance to look closely into the implementation to have more time to experiment today and send their feedback to Paige. The change will be pushed to live server tomorrow if there’s no other major concern.

The meeting is adjourned at 10:30 am, next OPAC meeting would be on March 14th.