I-Share OPAC Team Meeting: October 12, 2011

Present: Kelly Fisher, Paul Go, Lisa Gonzalez, Jake Jeremiah, Rong Li, Edith List, Karl Pettitt, Peggy Steele, Jan Waterhouse, Paige Weston, Belinda Cheek

Absent: None


CARLI Report: Paige noted that the CARLI annual meeting will take place November 9th, which means the next I-OPAC meeting be moved forward a week to November 2nd.

IUG Report: Belinda reported on the IUG meeting that met September 23rd. IUG is planning a webinar for January or February on planning for the future. IUG is also planning a survey regarding timing for upgrades, which will be distributed to liaisons. Also, IUG will be attending an e-books summit October 28th, along with the Collections Working Group and the E-Resources Working Group.

New Titles List: The revised New Titles List has been launched. Paige realized that the list was not accessible to screen readers, so the newbooks.cgi will be rewritten. This will not change the formatting of the list, but will make it accessible. Several more libraries have customized the list since the revision. Since October 3rd, a link to the list from VuFind has been available to libraries that request it.

VuFind Icons The icons in VuFind for e-journals, digital audio, and e-books have been changed. There was a discussion of individual icons for film/video, 3D objects, music recordings, kits, maps, manuscripts, scores, spoken word recordings, and 2D objects. Paige will work on necessary modifications for the icons chosen. The manuscript icon will stay the same for now, and the score icon will be left as is. There will also be a label change from film/video to film or video, and from spoken word recording to sound recording. Paige will mock up all the icons on the Advanced Search page so that the team can evaluate them as a group.

LITA: Jan and Paige reported that they had attended LITA, and there was a brief discussion on single search discovery interfaces and iterative usability testing.