I-Share OPAC Team Meeting: August 16, 2011

Present: Rong, Jacob, Carl, Kelly, Susan, Edith, Paige, Belinda, Lisa, Peggy, Jan and Paul (via phone)

Absent: None


CARLI Report: Susan Singleton, CARLI Executive Director, spoke about XC, continuing swap-space problems with SFX, and the PDA project.

I-Share Users Group (IUG) Report: Belinda reported IUG is working on ebooks issue, a webinar for membership, discussions with CARLI staff for upgrade times, UB policies & blocks, and keeping up with XC, Alma, & Voyager 8

Set goals for the year:

  • Feature list for XC
  • How do CARLI members learn about XC? FAQ on CARLI website, provide a decision list. First we need XC decisions about what can be edited.
  • Web Voyage will always be there until it stops working.
  • There will be no significant VuFind changes/customization.
  • Rong asked about being able to place an image on the mobile site that could link back to the library’s web site.

Reactions/Discussion on the XC demo site:

  • It was noted that it doesn't do much
  • Does it disambiguate names?
  • Question about similar items chosen
  • Dates cluster well
  • Subject or topic built on classification codes/call number, but it uses the call number in the bib record, which may or may not be a particular institution’s call number

New Titles List in new VuFind look:
Decided to cutover to VuFind on October 1.

Review of “When I-Share is a dead-end” document:

  • Helpful to see diff rationale
  • Spell check function would be helpful
  • No hits message in UC
  • adding WorldCat link somewhere
  • Redirecting by Lib
  • Discussion: Don't want them to hit a dead end but not enough data to know what to do
  • Something that captures the context/metadata, send to Lib to get assistance, capture URL ask for name and email
  • Could roll out the option to Contact Us but doesn't capture metadata
  • Library-specific request hints already in customization form? No but it should be soon
  • Could be improved to capture users context, now just Lib specific documentation

VuFind issues/priority list:
Decided not to address these now since the focus is on XC

OPAC Wiki – would this be helpful to maintain?:

  • http://wiki.carli.illinois.edu/index.php/OPAC_Team
  • Old entries need cleared out
  • Wiki is a possible location for the list of what XC needs. Google Docs was also suggested.

Library request for Reset/Clear Form/Search button on the basic search screen in VuFind:
It’s on the Advanced Search now; should we add to Basic Search? There's also a search box in results top & bottom. The decision was made not to add it.

Displaying 776 in More Details Tab:
776 tells when there's an electronic version of the title. More Details labels some but not all fields. There will not usually be difference in form of title but it’s possible.

DOI doesn’t display in VuFInd, could be put in 856.
Decision was made not to change.

New Business

  • Lisa mentioned that field item 545 biographical information with archives generally goes with 520. Currently 520 shows on More Details tab but 545 does not. If added, most people won't notice. The decision was made to add it under Notes with no special label.
  • COinS support for XC (see VuFind list for more info)
  • Started list of what XC has to have to be UC - required and preferred
  • CARLI staff liaisons met to assess effectiveness of teams and working groups. At the end of this year, there will be a survey for those who have served to get a sense of whether or not this is an effective use of members’ time.