Instruction Committee Meeting Minutes: June 5, 2019

Members present: Amy Hall (National-Louis University), Marielle McNeal (North Park University), Matthew Olsen (Millikin University), Mackenzie Salisbury (School of the Art Institute of Chicago), Rebecca Yowler (Knox College)

Members absent: Annie Armstrong (University of Illinois at Chicago), Tim Lockman (Kishwaukee College), Christina Norton (Heartland Community College), Molly Mansfield (Dominican University)

Staff present: Debbie Campbell

Staff absent: Lorna Engels


  • Alma Primo VE project - details sent out to contacts at each library
  • Resource Sharing Open House @ Bradley + UIC Library, + Health Science Peoria
  • Open Office Hours for CARLI around topics, hours are on calender
  • CARLI Counts project, will report out at CARLI Annual Meeting
    • Cohort 2 will be accepting new members at new Annual Meeting


  • Instruction Showcase:
    • Feedback/ survey from Instruction Showcase attendees
    • Instruction Showcase Debrief: what worked and what didn’t
      • Explore ideas on getting more submissions for the lesson plan sections
      • Testimonials from past presenters
      • Targeted promotion, more outreach
      • Different time of year?
  • Annual Report finalized in shared folder.
  • New committee members coming on + goodbyes
    • New Members
      • Kristen Allen, Harper
      • Deanna Ferris, NIU
      • Tish Hayes, MVCC
    • New committee chair(s)
      • Amy Hall
      • Marielle McNeal
    • Farewell to Mackenzie, Matt, and Becca!