Instruction Committee Meeting Minutes: March 6, 2019

Members Present:
Annie Armstrong (University of Illinois at Chicago)
Amy Hall (National Louis University)
Mackenzie Salisbury (School of the Art Institute of Chicago)
Marielle McNeal (North Park University)
Tim Lockman (Kishwaukee College)

Members absent:
Molly Mansfield (Dominican University)
Christina Norton (Heartland Community College)
Matthew Olsen (Millikin University)
Rebecca Yowler (Knox College)

Staff Present:
Deborah Campbell, Lorna Engels

CARLI Updates/Announcements

  • ContentDM migration from local to hosted (no new collections from 3/20-4/10)
  • Emerging Issues in E-Resources: Usage Statistics and Streaming Video Symposium on 3/26. Registration through 3/15
  • Alma & Primo VE FAQ page:
    • Project in initial planning stages

General Updates/Announcements

  • ACRL
    • ACRL roundtable about scholarship as conversation, and authority is constructed and contextual frame.
    • Soliciting feedback from CARLI members re: how people have engaged these frames
  • Webinar Presentations
    • Webinar Recap: Intrusive Librarianship, Annette Alvarado, Feb 13, 1-2pm
      • Feedback was great, 3 positive responses to post-seminar survey
      • Recording is on CARLI instruction page. Debbie will send out a link on CARLI listserv
      • Matt volunteered to work on outline of presentation, will include link to Annette’s lib-guide
    • Upcoming Webinar: A work in process: Cultivating inclusive classrooms, March 12, 1-2pm (AA will do notes)
      • Registration Update: Remember to register if you haven’t. Debbie will send out registration information.
  • Inclusive Pedagogical Activities (IPA)Podcast
    • Schedule of upcoming
      • Feb 8: Promo Podcast was recorded
      • March 1: Mackenzie recorded podcast with Dio Aldridge, of SAIC’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Department
      • April 26:  Chris Davison and Lauren McKeen (Northwestern U)
      • Work with OER for underrepresented groups
      • Kimberly Shottick (disability and libraries)
    • Discussion of where to promote podcast. Announce on newsletter
  • Programming for Instruction Showcase at North Park University
    • Space is reserved, caterer contract/logistics have been worked out
    • Discussed who to invite as a speakers.
      • Speakers are at Heartland in Normal (Christina)
      • Mackenzie and Marielle will reach out to speakers
      • Not sure about traveler expenses and speaker stipends
        • Debbie and Lorna will approach CARLI director about speaker stipend/travel etc. and get back to us
      • Tim listed as an alternate in case a speaker can’t do it. A panel could be a backup if we don’t get a lot of breakout proposals. Doesn’t have to relate strongly to our theme.
      • Mackenzie ad Marielle will report back when we hear from workshop people
    • Save the Date: May 23, 9:30am - 3pm
    • Programming Updates
      • Call for Proposals (Due April 1, Discuss at April 3 Meeting)
  • Spring Twitter Chat
    • Tentative Date: Friday, April 19th
    • Topics: Past participants didn’t have many ideas for topics; may have needed more time to think about it. Focus on practical application this time. As a takeaway, provide a list of resources and strategies from the conversation.
    • Mackenzie is making a graphic, Marielle and Mackenzie will write up a graphic (ACRL info. Lit, ILI)
    • Questions will be cut down (1 every 10 minutes).
    • Debbie will update information and we will add new questions and graphic
    • Questions will include those we couldn’t get to last time and focus on tangible take-a-ways. "The conversation continues/part II/Follow-up). Join us in continuing the conversation about cultivating inclusive learning environments."
    • Logistics: Moderators, Promo Graphic, Re-Tweets!
    • Mackenzie and Marielle are happy to moderate again