Instruction Committee Meeting Minutes: August 8, 2018

Committee In-Person Meeting, CARLI Offices

Members attending: Annie Armstrong, UIC; Tim Lockman, Kishwaukee College; Marielle McNeal, North Park University; Christina Norton, Heartland Comm. College Matthew Olsen, Millikin University; Mackenzie Salisbury, SAIC; Rebecca Yowler, Knox College

Members absent: Amy Hall, Molly Mansfield

CARLI Liaisons attending: Debbie Campbell; Lorna Engels

Guests: Anne Craig, CARLI Senior Director


  • The Instruction Committee approved North Park as location of 2019 Showcase
  • Possible themes for 2018-2019:
    • Poll to decide theme will be sent out before September meeting
      • Library instruction for diverse populations
      • Assessment in IL with the new Framework
      • Translating the Framework for Disciplines
  • The meeting was adjourned at 2pm, CST.


  •  From Anne Craig
    • I-Share Next is progressing, RFP released allowing for limited public info.
    • CARLI applied for a Grant via IMLS
      • 250k to conduct a training program for CARLI member librarians to use data to justify libraries and services.
      • If grant goes through, Oct. 1st would be start date
      • Should know status by next meeting
    • Bradley Woodruff, new at CARLI in Tech Support
    • Budget: flat funded for 2019, exception in increase to cover CARLI salary increases
    • Strategic plan almost finished for 2019-2020
      • Goal of the new plan is to coordinate actions of committees with other committees and with the board → may not apply to all committees depending on charge
      • This shift came out of 2017 annual meeting discussions
      • Meant to be used as a working document
    • Financial health is #1 priority -- CARLI is looking into sponsorship and philanthropy options.
  • OER / OTN Update:
    • Taskforce - issues of social justice, equity,
    • Open Illinois Initiative, website for OER with resources about this initiative
    • Collection committee looking at other Open Resources, Merlot
  • CARLI Annual scheduled for Friday Nov. 2nd, 2018, Champaign iHotel
  • CARLI Updates and general
    • To align with new strategic plan, committees will be working together and with the board more directly, more communication, more of an advisory role
    • Resource Sharing / ILL Committee to have a forum in October 25th at Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library, Springfield
  • Presentation at CARLI Annual Meeting, November 2nd, 2018 on last year’s project:
    • CARLI is changing the format of the Annual Meeting which may not include committee presentations.
      • CARLI staff will let us know ASAP about what the new format will entail.
    • The one-pager: every committee creates a one-page handout about your project that CARLI will distribute at the Annual Meeting.

Tasks assigned:

  • Minute takers, rotating alphabetically by last name, starting will Mackenzie:
    • Mackenzie Salisbury (8/8)
    • Rebecca Yowler
    • Anne Armstrong
    • Amy Hall
    • Tim Lockman
    • Molly Mansfield
    • Marielle McNeal
    • Christina Norton
    • Matthew Olsen
  • Mackenzie + Marielle will work on coming up with one page report for CARLI Annual meeting
  • Mackenzie will send out Poll to vote on 2018-19 theme
  • Rebecca will send draft copy to committee for Interest Group List

Meeting Dates and Deadlines:

  • Next Meeting: Wednesday, September 12th, Skype
  • Schedule of Instruction Committee Meetings:
  • 2nd Wednesday of the month, 2-3:30pm (will check with those not in attendance to make sure this time slot works. If not, Debbie will send out a Doodle Poll)