Instruction Committee Meeting Minutes: April 9, 2018

Location: Skype, virtual

Members attending: Matt Olsen (Millikin), Mackenzie Salisbury (SAIC), Molly Mansfield (Dominican), Larissa Garcia (Northern), April Purcell Levy (Columbia), Colleen Bannon (Midwestern), Amy Hall (National-Lewis)
Members absent: Christina Heady (SIU), Marielle McNeal (North Park)
Staff attending: Lorna Engels, Debbie Campbell

Announcements: None


  • Marielle’s webinar debrief: good attendance!  
  • Instruction Showcase: Thursday, May 31st at Dominican University
    • Proposals: 6 submitted and accepted by the committee
    • Discussion of additional sessions. Committee decided not to include roundtables, lightning talks, etc.
    • Committee members to introduce presenters and time keep during presentations.
    • Proposed schedule for the day: 10am-3:30pm.
      • Registration, Introduction + Panel Q&A, Break, Showcase presentation group (A&B), Lunch, Showcase Presentation Group (A&C), Break, Showcase Presentation Group (B&C), etc.
    • Update on Faculty Panel
      • Confirmed English, physician’s assistant, and photography faculty. Follow up with literature/poetry faculty member.
      • Discussion of variety in faculty disciplines
      • Confirmed faculty should register for Showcase. Librarian partner to provide faculty credentials for Showcase documentation.
      • Room should accommodate Moderator will ask questions to all faculty and librarian partners. Seven seats on panel with moderator roaming.
      • Panel questions
      • Faculty encouraged to speak more than partners (hint).
    • Questions and back-up questions TBD.
  • Final project: volunteers solicited for webinar write ups.

Tasks assigned

  • All committee members will look at panel questions before next meeting and make comments.
  • Larissa and Christina volunteered to write-up "Leading Online Sessions: Tips for Engaging Webinars."
  • Amy volunteered to write-up "Train the Trainer: Ideas & Tips to Help Faculty Teach Information Literacy."
  • Debbie and Lorna will email participants and tell them of their acceptance about additional presentation time. Debbie and Lorna will send out Showcase registration.
  • Faculty’s partners should write their faculty’s name and title in the Agenda for 4.9.2018

Meeting Dates and Deadlines

  • Webinar write ups due in May.
  • Rescheduled next meeting to May 16, 2018 at 1:00pm.