Instruction Committee Meeting Minutes: October 9, 2017

Conference Call
Members attending: Larissa Garcia (NIU), Amy Hall (National-Lewis), Christina Heady (SIU), Molly Mansfield (Dominican), Marielle McNeal (North Park), Matthew Olsen (Millikin), Mackenzie Salisbury (SAIC)

Members absent: Colleen Bannon (Midwestern), April Purcell Levy (Columbia)

Staff attending: Debbie Campbell, Lorna Engels


  • Look for an email discussion later in October regarding the title, description, and registration announcement for the NIU webinar on webinar best practices. The webinar is tentatively scheduled for the first week of December and the announcement needs to go out at least one month before.
  • Review the proposed CARLI Documentation Depository website and announcement and provide feedback by the next meeting.


  • 2017/2018 Committee Theme
    • The committee discussed the particulars of this year’s theme and if we want to focus narrowly on collaboration with teaching faculty or collaboration across the campus. The committee discussed focusing on strategies for working with faculty and training them to teach students to be information literate. The committee entertained several possibilities for the theme including "Strategies for Successful Collaborations" and "Strategies for Effective Collaborations."
  • Webinars
    • Larissa contacted the NIU Faculty Development & Instructional Design Center and they have agreed to do a webinar on webinar best practices. The committee liked this idea, and she will follow up with them to determine a date and description.
    • Marielle is still on track to deliver a webinar in the spring (perhaps along with her Dean) on North Park’s efforts to "train the trainer" with faculty and on their new badging system. The webinar is tentatively slated for late March early April.
  • CARLI Annual Meeting
    • The committee discussed the one-pager for the meeting. Debbie suggested providing links to the outlines and recording of the webinars (rather than just to the recordings). Otherwise all agreed that the document appears ready to go.
    • A very rough draft of slides for the presentation at the Annual Meeting are in the committee’s shared folder.
    • Lorna & Debbie and Mackenzie & Matt will be attending the CARLI Annual Meeting.
  • Annual Showcase
    • North Park and Dominican are both still possibilities for the Showcase. For both locations early summer would be the best time due to parking limitations during the semester.
  • Resource Sharing Committee Collaboration
    • Resource Sharing is still exploring collaboration with the Instruction Committee on developing strategies for promoting interlibrary loan. The committee is open to this collaboration and is waiting for more news from them.
  • Documentation Depository
    • Debbie and Lorna shared a draft announcement and webpage for a new CARLI Documentation Depository. This depository will take in many type of library documents (policies, reports, marketing materials, instructional materials, etc.). The committee discussed strategies for providing context for the documents, perhaps via tags or keywords, but this could prove onerous and limit submissions. The entire committee is encouraged to provide feedback by our next meeting. Committee members were also encouraged to contribute documents to help seed the depository.


  • The committee decided to discuss the wording for our 2017/2018 theme via email.  
  • The committee approved the one-pager for the CARLI Annual Meeting.
  • The meeting was adjourned at 2pm.

Tasks assigned:

  • Larissa will contact the NIU Faculty Development & Instructional Design Center to discuss a date for their webinar (preferably Dec 5-7), to get a title and description for the webinar, and to ask them if it is acceptable for the webinar to be recorded.
  • Marielle will discuss her webinar with her Dean to see is she wants to participate and to determine a preferred date.
  • Lorna will follow up with North Park and Dominican as possible locations for the Annual Showcase.
  • Mackenzie will submit the CARLI Annual Meeting one-pager.
  • Mackenzie or Matt will send the committee a reminder to look at the slides for the Annual Meeting when they are in a more finished state (slides due November 10).

Meeting Dates and Deadlines:

  • Next Meeting: Monday, November 13 via conference call