Instruction Committee Meeting Minutes: August 10, 2017

Date: 8/10/2017, 10am-2pm
Location: CARLI office, Champaign

Members attending: Matt Olsen (Millikin), Marielle McNeal (North Park), Colleen Bannon (Midwestern), Mackenzie Salisbury (SAIC), Christina Heady (SIU), Molly Mansfield (Dominican)

Members absent: Larissa Garcia (Northern), Amy Hall (National-Lewis), April Purcell Levy (Columbia)

Staff attending: Lorna Engels, Debbie Campbell


  • Space for CARLI offices are being reduced. Will not affect anything with services to users.
  • Open Textbook Network and Open Educational Resources Taskforce is getting off the ground. Librarians will be trained to work with faculty to teach them about these resources. 350-400 textbooks in the collection.
  • CARLI update session at ILA.
  • CARLI annual meeting on November 17th at the I-Hotel. A draft of the Strategic Plan will be presented. The presentations of people’s annual projects will be held again. Mackenzie and Matt will present on lasts years project.
  • Four new I-Share libraries are being added (90 total). McHenry County College, Spertus Institute of Jewish Studies, Moody Bible Institute, Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library.
  • I-Share Next project is still in procurement stage, with RFP up next.
  • CARLI has a budget.
  • VuFind 3 is coming soon.


  • Committee charge and collaboration of other CARLI groups:
    • Resource Sharing Committee would like to partner with the Instruction Committee to work on promotion of interlibrary loan services.
    • Instruction Committee overlaps with most other CARLI committees.
  • Open Houses: Resource Sharing had an open house with Illinois State Library and Illinois State University Library open house about interlibrary loan. Usually small groups attend. Public Services hosted an open house with Heartland and another library and there was an instruction tie-in.
  • Committee information on CARLI website:
    • Webpage content can be either set by the committee or created and posted by Lorna and Debbie.
  • Regular Meeting Schedule.
  • Instruction interests, challenges, and ideas:
    • How do we teach teaching faculty to create assignments that incorporate information literacy?
    • Give a session on creating effective research assignments.
    • Webinar idea: how to connect with teaching faculty.
    • Train the trainer model. Plug into an existing program, target instructors at the program level, partnering with administration (especially during reaccreditation).
    • Partner with the mission/vision statement.
    • Professional development, pre-tenure events.
    • Fake news workshop for faculty.
    • Successes and failures of reaching adjuncts.
    • Questions can be posed to the Instruction ListServ.
    • Library created videos for teaching faculty for specific classes (with assessment and impact).
    • Can we partner with the Resource Sharing group?
  • Feedback from last instruction showcase (June 2017).
  • CARLI survey (carried over from last year’s committee)
    • Decided not to pursue because we learned a lot from the Showcase feedback, and we don’t have specific things that we would like to learn from CARLI members at this time.
  • Brainstorming topics for showcase, presentations, and other formats?
    • In-person showcase or webinars? Discussed including a request when call is put out to see if participants would rather meet in person or present online.
    • Plan to bring in speakers as well as presenters. Could we get a volunteer speaker non-librarian?
    • Showcase versus forum.
    • Bring in faculty to discuss collaboration. "Faculty Librarian Relationships".
    • Lightning Talks (Mackenzie will send the link).  
    • Interested in picking an instructional problem and showcasing the way to do it. Brainstorm what you would do.
    • Non-traditional instruction (workshops, train the trainers, non-traditional students, faculty).
    • Building sustainable projects (not just one-shots) / sustainability.
    • Behind the scenes of being a librarian.
  • CARLI Instruction/Documentation Repository:
    • Collection of librarian’s instruction plans.
    • Committee will oversee, post links to other libraries, documents hosted, dated, on anything instruction related.
  • Annual project ideas (annual project to be completed June 2018):
    • Open house
    • Webinar series
    • Possible topic: "What we’ve discovered about working with faculty"


  • The meeting was adjourned at 2:10pm.

Tasks assigned:

  • Mackenzie will write the one-page handout/summary for the CARLI Annual Meeting due 10/16.
  • Mackenzie will send a link to the lightening talk format she discussed.

Meeting Dates and Deadlines:

  • Next Meeting: TBD pending feedback from remaining committee members.
  • Schedule of Instruction Committee Meetings:
    • Tentatively either Fridays at 10-11:30am or second Mondays at 1-2:30pm.