Instruction Committee Meeting Minutes: April 17, 2017

Location: Online Conference Call

Members attending: Colleen Bannon (Midwestern), Christina Heady (SIUC), Matthew Olsen (Millikin), April Purcell Levy (Columbia College Chicago), Mackenzie Salisbury (School of the Art Institute of Chicago), Lora Smallman (SIUE)
Members absent: Larissa Garcia, Chelsea Sutton, Anne Zald
Staff attending: Debbie Campbell and Lorna Engels


  • Toolkit bibliography: working to get everything ready to send to Debbie.
    • A number of redundancies were found and committee members propose the removal.
    • Discussion of the linking to the Standards in the bibliography.
    • Decided to keep the Standards link for now.
    • Sub-committee will send the document to Debbie at the end of April.
  • Annual Project Volunteers: Thank you to everyone who volunteered.
    • April volunteered for the last spot needed.
  • What to do about the Instruction Showcase? Not enough proposals were received to fill a full day.
    • State of the state? Are people uninterested or lacking in funding? Bad timing for the call?
    • Discussion of transitioning to a webinar, soliciting speakers, volunteers to present, or an unconference.
      • If there are a few more presenters, discussion of facilitated roundtables or longer presentations.
    • Final decision to resend out the call for proposals, and review submissions the week of May 1st.
    • A Doodle poll will go out to select a time May 2nd or 3rd to meet to discuss the Showcase and review proposals.