Instruction Committee Meeting Minutes: November 21, 2016

Conference Call

Members attending:  Christina Heady (Southern Illinois University Carbondale), Matthew Olsen (Millikin University), April Purcell Levy (Columbia College Chicago), Colleen Bannon (Heartland Community College), Chelsea Van Riper (Principia College)

Members absent: Mackenzie Salisbury (School of the Art Institute of Chicago), Anne Zald (Northwestern University), Lora Smallman (Southern Illinois University Edwardsville), Larissa Garcia (Northern Illinois University)

Staff attending: Debbie Campbell, Lorna Engels

Discussion & Decisions

  • The committee discussed the proposed webinar evaluation questions.
    • The committee discussed the merit of Likert scale vs. comment questions before agreed on a combination of both.
    • Questions were condensed and reorganized.
    • Edited draft was agreed upon.  
  • Discussion of Instruction Showcase location selection.
    • An upstate option will be considered.
    • It is desirable that the venue have a lunch room and teaching/presentation space in the same building.
    • Debbie and Lorna reach out to former committee members and potential locations.
  • The committee examined the 2016 Instruction Showcase planning documents.
    • For the future showcase, the committee may revise the interest tables at lunch or discontinue them.
    • The agenda and planning documentation will note that coffee will not be provided.
    • Discussion of dividing presentations into hands-on and traditional presentations or panels based on feedback surveys.
    • It was proposed that committee would provide signage in the future to vending machines, restrooms, etc. at event location.
    • Debbie requested that the proposal form includes the title of the presentation.
    • The committee will try to keep the Instruction Showcase within the fiscal year of the co-chairs planning the event, but new and out-going chairs can work together complete projects during the transition.

Tasks assigned

  • Debbie or Lorna will create the Survey Monkey survey for the upcoming webinar. They will also investigate Showcase locations.
  • Christina sent out an email from Debbie about coding the showcases for the committee’s consideration.  
  • The next committee meeting dates are in close proximity to holidays. Members present agreed to meet on December 19th. Debbie will send out a Doodle Poll to reschedule the standing meeting in January.

Meeting Dates and Deadlines:

  • Next Meeting: December 19th

The meeting was adjourned at 3:48pm